Ripple CTO Cryptically Tweets Amid OpenAI Drama

By TheNewsCrypto
10 days ago
  • Ripple CTO David Schwartz tweeted expressing love for the Ripple team.
  • The XRP team recently achieved legal success against the SEC, with the court ruling that XRP is not an unregistered security.
  • Some interpreted Schwartz’s tweet as a show of solidarity, drawing parallels with OpenAI’s internal issues.

Ripple chief technology officer David Schwartz sparked intrigue this week with a tweet declaring his love for the Ripple team. The post mimicked language used by ousted OpenAI CEO Sam Altman amid leadership turmoil at the artificial intelligence startup.

Following Altman’s controversial removal, he tweeted, “I love the OpenAI team so much” in an apparent signal of continued support. Schwartz’s similar wording prompted speculation about its possible meaning for Ripple.

The tweet comes as Ripple enjoys newfound stability after largely prevailing in its legal battle against the SEC. Earlier this year, the court found XRP does not constitute an unregistered security, removing existential threats against the company.

Ripple CTO’s tweet shows solidarity amidst OpenAI drama

With the lawsuit nearly behind them, some interpreted Schwartz’s post as a show of solidarity, just as OpenAI grapples with internal fractures. However, by all accounts, the XRP team remains united behind its product roadmap and mission.

This suggests the CTO borrowed Altman’s phrasing mainly for effect in teasing the active XRP community. Schwartz frequently engages supporters on Twitter through vague statements meant to stoke interest.

Nonetheless, as the architect of the XRP ledger and related technologies, Schwartz’s views carry weight. He plays a pivotal role in developing Ripple’s payment infrastructure and shaping its future direction.

For now, the CTO’s tweet appears primarily for entertainment value to engage the Ripple community. But it serves as a reminder of his importance in maintaining internal cohesion amid opportunities for reckless expansion.

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