What is Akropolis Coin?

9 days ago

Akropolis Coin is the native token of the Akropolis platform, serving as a utility token. The mission of the Akropolis project is to provide people with tools to securely save, grow, and supply their future without falling victim to geographical limitations, central counterparties, or the financial machinations of multiple agents.

What is AKRO Coin?

AKRO Coin is a cryptocurrency used for various payments and rewards within the Akropolis platform.

Akropolis has built AkropolisOS, a lightweight and modular framework for creating for-profit DAOs with customizable user incentives, automatic liquidity provision, and programmatic liquidity and treasury management.

AkropolisOS is described as a Solidity framework for creating complex dApps and protocols (savings, pensions, loans, investments). It is also characterized as a framework for creating and managing distributed digital financial organizations. AkropolisOS, designed as an upgradable modular framework based on OpenZeppelin, offers lego-like scalability without loss of consistency and security.

The first product, Sparta, allows for under-collateralized loans and passive yield generation from various DeFi protocols to maximize APR. All funds are pooled, and the internal economy is based on a bonding curve providing additional incentives to users.

Another product under development by the platform is Delphi, a pool that allows automatic dollar-cost averaging on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and participation in various yield farming opportunities.

Delphi enables users to earn from synthetic savings, integrated protocols/pools, and farm tokens, allowing for both an active all-in-one approach and a passive dollar-cost averaging strategy for investing in variable assets.

For more concrete information about AKRO coin, it’s beneficial to look at the current prices.

At the time of preparing this article, Akropolis (AKRO) is trading at 0.0083 USD against the dollar and 0.00000061 BTC against Bitcoin. According to CoinMarketCap data, Akropolis Token, ranked 361st in terms of market volume with a market value of 16,644,638 dollars, has a 24-hour trading volume of 5,812,152 dollars.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the AKRO coin saw its lowest level on January 20, 2020, at 0.0005 dollars, and its record level on July 26, 2019, at 0.0500 dollars. Currently, there are 1,995,847,438 Akropolis Tokens in circulation, with a total expected to reach 4,000,000,000 Akropolis (AKR).

Review of Akropolis Coin

Looking at the reviews of Akropolis Coin, investors seem to have a positive yet cautious approach towards AKRO coin. People trust the platform behind the token, but due to the current state of the cryptocurrency market, they prefer to take reliable steps when investing.

Moreover, examining AKRO coin charts shows that investors occasionally prefer Akropolis (AKRO).

Where to Buy AKRO Coin?

Akropolis (AKRO) can be bought quickly and securely via Binance, the world’s largest exchange by trading volume.

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