18 RWA Coins Set to Skyrocket in 2024 – Part 2

By Altcoin Buzz
about 2 months ago

Here is the first part of this article.

Let’s discover 6 more RWA coins you should know about:

1) Swarm Markets

Swarm markets make trading different assets using blockchain tokens much easier than it is. It’s safe for use because it follows regulatory compliance. Swarm Markets allows financial institutions and retail investors to trade on their platform. You can also stake tokens.

Swarm combines traditional finance with Decentralized finance (DeFi), opening up new opportunities for everyone involved. Swarm’s utility token is $SMT, currently at $1.06 and with a market cap of $34.5 Million.

2) Chintai Nexus

$CHEX, Chintai’s utility token, recently launched on Solana. $CHEX is currently $0.22 with a market cap of $227.3 Million. Chintai Nexus offers a platform for managing digital assets and utility tokens.

Here’s the good news: You can earn USD rewards by signing up for Chintai Nexus.

3) Polytrade

Polytrade is a real-world asset marketplace. It connects sellers, buyers, insurers, and investors to streamline trading. $TRADE is Polytrade’s utility token. It is currently $2.78 and has a market cap of $90.5 million. That’s not all there is to know about Polytrade; it has a project called “Reflection.”

Reflection NFT links your regular assets to digital ownership. Reflection NFT has a lot in store for its holders. These NFT holders can access special features and good deals on the polytrade RWA marketplace.

4) Nexera Foundation

Nexera’s utility token is $NXRA, currently at $0.244, with a market cap of $188.4 Million. Nexera Finance enables businesses to manage financial and real-world assets while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Startups with innovative ideas use Nexera to raise capital and launch their token. Nexera recently partnered with Peaq, which raised $15m in funding rounds.

5) Clearpool Finance

With its credit vault on Avalanche, Clearpool is transforming the DeFi lending process. It will be a lot better than it is.

With the credit vaults, you can borrow and get higher yields if you become a lender. $CPOOL, the utility token of Clearpool Finance, is at $0.26 with a market cap of $120 million. Clearpool’s recent partnerships set it up for the top in 2024.

6) Mantra

Mantra offers blockchain tools for building compliant applications. These tools are guaranteed to produce high-performing blockchain applications. Mantra is the main deal for developers since it will surely deliver excellent results. Institutions and Developers have their eyes on Mantra because it presents users with a safe and regulatory-compliant space.

The crypto space is keen on regulatory compliance, and Mantra is playing by the rules. $OM, Mantra’s token, is currently at $0.79 with a market cap of $629 million.


The real-world asset narrative is not limited to a particular aspect of crypto; its impact is diverse and felt in every aspect of finance. Aside from incentives and creating a digital space for ownership of properties, RWA increases transparent transactions and creates a more extensive marketplace.

Pay attention to the real-world asset narrative. It is an exciting area of blockchain and offers more investment opportunities. RWA is ready to shake things up; there’s more in store for you.


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