Analyst Shares 10 Coins Primed for Tier 1 CEX Listings, Potential Price Pump Ahead

By CaptainAltcoin
2 months ago

As Bitcoin (BTC) continues to trade at all-time highs, many investors may feel like they missed out on the recent price surge. However, according to analyst Cyclop, there are still plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the next wave of price appreciation in the cryptocurrency market.

In a recent tweet thread, Cyclop identified 10 tokens that are primed for significant gains, thanks to potential listings on Tier 1 centralized exchanges (CEXs) like Binance and Coinbase.

The Power of CEX Listings

Cyclop explains that the primary driver of price appreciation for any token is the influx of liquidity and attention it receives. The main source of both can be a listing on tier 1 CEXs, particularly for high-cap tokens, or any CEX for low-cap tokens.

Together, Binance and Coinbase generate a staggering $35 billion in daily trading volume and boast large, active communities. As a result, tokens listed on these platforms are likely to experience a significant price pump due to the increased liquidity and attention they receive.

Scanning for the Next Big Winners

Cyclop scanned approximately 300 tokens with potential for listing on CEXs to identify those with the highest price appreciation potential.

The analyst focused on tokens representing the most promising narratives, including meme coins on Solana and Base, real-world assets (RWA), artificial intelligence (AI), omnichain, and GameFi. The resulting list features 10 tokens with the highest potential for significant gains.

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The Top 10 Tokens to Watch

  1. CoinWifBallz ($BALLZ): Currently listed only on MEXC, $BALLZ has garnered significant attention and boasts a strong community, making it a prime candidate for listings on more tier 1 and 2 CEXs.
  2. PonchoBase ($PONCHO): While not yet listed on any CEX, $PONCHO has good potential due to the popularity of meme coins on the Base blockchain.
  3. Dusk Network ($DUSK): Dusk is a layer 1 blockchain for private, compliant smart contracts, secured by a fast PoS protocol and Succinct Attestation, making it ideal for financial use cases. Although listed on Binance, $DUSK has not experienced a significant price pump yet.
  4. Clearpool ($CPOOL): Clearpool is a DeFi ecosystem offering a unique marketplace for unsecured institutional liquidity with risk-adjusted returns driven by market forces. While not yet listed on any tier 1 CEX, $CPOOL has good potential.
  5. Forta Network ($FORT): Forta Network offers real-time on-chain monitoring with thousands of detection bots, developed by a Web3 community for security and threat detection. Despite being listed on Coinbase and Binance, $FORT has not experienced a significant price pump yet.
  6. IX Swap ($IXS): IX Swap is a DeFi platform for trading security tokens via licensed entities, aiming to democratize access to private market assets globally. Although not yet listed on any tier 1 CEX, $IXS has good potential.
  7. Qna3 ($GPT): Qna3 leads in simplifying Web3 navigation and use, offering easy access for trading and bridging the knowledge-application gap. Currently listed only on OKX, there is a high chance of $GPT being listed on other tier 1 CEXs.
  8. Entangle ($NGL): Entangle simplifies omnichain integration in the vast, trillion-dollar blockchain sector with dynamic on-chain and off-chain connectivity. While not yet listed on any tier 1 exchanges, $NGL’s potential is enormous.
  9. StarHeroes ($STAR): StarHeroes is an esports-focused multiplayer space shooter offering dynamic, competitive play for an authentic gaming experience. Although not yet listed on any top-tier exchanges, $STAR’s potential is exceptionally high.
  10. Mavia Heroes ($MAVIA): Mavia Heroes is a multiplayer strategy game on the blockchain, where players battle, earn crypto, and build bases for global competition. While not yet listed on any tier 1 exchanges, $MAVIA’s potential is enormous.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and mature, investors are always on the lookout for the next big opportunity. By identifying tokens with the potential for tier 1 CEX listings, analyst Cyclop has provided a roadmap for investors seeking to capitalize on the next wave of price appreciation. 

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