Best Presale in 2024: MoonBag’s $2.2M Haul Dwarfs BitBot and Tron’s Offerings

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Everywhere you look right now, you’d find one coin or the other having a presale to offer their coins to investors before they go to the listing. These presales allow investors to get their hands on coins at low prices and get good returns once the coins get listed on exchanges. This has led to a flurry of coins announcing their presales but how do you determine which presale is going to give you a good ROI?

The answer to that question is simple. You need to look for a coin that has a solid liquidity management strategy that will protect your investment from the volatile forces of the market and offer you a high annual percentage yield (APY) on staking. While coins like BitBot and Tron may have come close to giving you these perks, there is only one coin that fulfills all these requirements and more and that coin is the MoonBag (MBAG) meme coin. 

TRON’s Google Cloud news fails to impress     

TRON (TRX) recently found itself in the limelight when it was announced that Google Cloud has become an official TRON super representative. People assumed that this would lead to a flurry of new investment being poured into the coin and it would experience new highs. However, the news did not have the intended effect as the price of the coin dipped. With competitors like MoonBag offering so much more than the others, it’s no wonder that investors flocked towards the MoonBag presale instead. 

The network ushered in June 2024 by announcing a community grants program to encourage builders, which will see its current coin, MATIC, transition to POL. This upheaval in the system has led to investors cashing out of MATIC to put their money into the MoonBag meme coin instead due to its high ROI. 

Is BitBot all risk, no return? 

BitBot entered the ecosystem with a bang by offering an AI integration that was lauded as being visionary but with the way things have been going with the coin recently, it might make a quiet exit into oblivion pretty soon. The AI integration has raised all sorts of questions about security and data privacy which has led to an impact on the coin’s numbers. The coin has been rapidly losing community support to MoonBag meme coin which has the crypto landscape in a chokehold.

MoonBag ushers in the Best Presale in 2024.  

The cutest coin you’ll ever lay eyes on due to its adorable monkey mascot, MoonBag is on its way to becoming a crypto success story. The coin has successfully entered the fifth stage of its presale after breezing through the initial stages. Having raised over $2.2M already, the coin is slated to raise millions more as the presale enters other stages. If you’re wondering why exactly are investors looking to get their hands on this coin, the answer is simple. The coin is not only offering a high ROI and an incredible 88% APY on staking, but also perks like VIP passes for newcomer events and amazing airdrops. 

Earn more with the MoonBag referral program    

MoonBag’s presale has raised over $2.2M already and investments are still pouring in. If you want to share the awesomeness of MoonBag with other people, get your hands on MBAG now and share your referral code with others so they can buy it too. Get the chance to give 10% extra coins to your loved ones when they buy using your code so you can climb up the leaderboard and win awesome prizes.

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