Bitcoin (BTC) Dips, Ethereum (ETH) Slides, and Furrever Token (FURR) Shines with 10% Referral Program

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5 days ago

In a volatile turn of events, Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a sharp pullback to $67,400, raising concerns among investors. Ethereum (ETH) has also faced challenges, breaking below its EMA21 support, signaling potential further declines. Amidst this turbulence, Furrever Token is making waves with its innovative crypto offering and a compelling 10% referral bonus. With a strong community focus and unique cat-themed ecosystem, Furrever Token not only promises financial incentives but also fosters organic growth and engagement. As traditional giants face hurdles, Furrever Token emerges as a promising new player in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Bitcoin (BTC) Experiences Sharp Pullback to $67,400

Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency with a market value of $1.332 trillion, tested the $72k resistance last week and closed at $69,648. This week, ahead of the FED interest rate decision, the trend has reversed. With increased selling pressure, Bitcoin (BTC) started the day at $69,540 and is currently trading at $67,410, marking a 3.06% pullback.

Bitcoin (BTC) Chart Analysis

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) fell from $72k to $56k between March and May 2024 and tested the $72k resistance again last week. Following the Non-Farm Payroll data from the United States, Bitcoin (BTC) faced significant selling pressure at the $72k resistance and closed the week at $69,648, just above the $69k support. A daily chart analysis indicates that selling pressure has deepened ahead of the FED interest rate decision, with Bitcoin (BTC) trading below the $69k support at $67,410. Since it has fallen below both the $69k support and the EMA21 average, the selling pressure might continue. The support levels for Bitcoin (BTC) are the EMA55 at $66,738 and the EMA100 at $63,948. The potential for a price rise remains weak unless Bitcoin (BTC) closes daily above the $69k level.

Ethereum (ETH) Breaks Below EMA21 Support

Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency with a market value of $425.19 billion, started yesterday at $3,706.3, tested $3,712.7, and closed the day at $3,666.2, marking a 1.07% decrease. Today, influenced by the selling pressure on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) is currently trading at $3,522.7, reflecting a 3.91% drop.

Ethereum (ETH) Chart Analysis

Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency, began its downtrend from $4k in March and continued down to the $2,858 support level. Following the spot ETF approval news, Ethereum (ETH) surged from the $2,858 support and broke the two-month downtrend. After the sharp rise due to the spot ETF approval, Ethereum (ETH) has been trading within the $3,750-$3,950 range for three weeks. However, after the Non-Farm Payroll data from the U.S., Ethereum (ETH) broke below this range due to the selling pressure on Bitcoin (BTC) and stayed above the EMA21 support for four days. Today, the increased selling pressure on Bitcoin (BTC) has negatively affected Ethereum (ETH), causing it to fall below the EMA21 support. If the selling pressure continues, the nearest support levels for Ethereum (ETH) are the EMA55 at $3,479.1 and the EMA100 at $3,322.5.

Furrever Token (FURR) Introduces Innovative Crypto with 10% Referral Bonus

Furrever Token offers a fresh and unique approach to the cryptocurrency market with its adorable cat-themed ecosystem and strong community focus. One of the standout features of Furrever Token is its groundbreaking referral program, allowing users to earn 10% in $FURR Tokens for every deposit made through their personal referral link. This innovative system not only incentivizes users but also promotes organic community growth. The ongoing presale has already raised over $1.3 million, with the token currently priced at $0.000732 and potential returns of up to 15X. Analyzed by Securi Lab, Furrever Token promises a secure and enjoyable platform for its users.

Furrever Token’s roadmap includes exciting future developments, such as exclusive charming cat content, continuous engagement, and rewards for the community. The project's vibrant community, active on Telegram with over 4,000 members, is supported by responsive admins and moderators, ensuring a welcoming and engaging environment. Combining financial opportunity with a delightful user experience, Furrever Token is poised to capture the interest of both new and seasoned investors.

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