Bittensor Surges Following Binance Listing; $MEDA Presale Investors Believe This Is a Gold-Mine of Profits

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Hitting a new ATH is no easy feat, as Bittensor knows having successfully reached this huge milestone after its listing in Binance. However, with the sudden fall in TAO prices, investors are more focused on the $MEDA presale. Milei Moneda offers a wide variety of benefits, and with its huge profit potential, it’s clearly the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Bittensor (TAO) Hits All-time High (ATH) After Binance Listing

On April 11, Binance introduced Bittensor (TAO) on its platform, signaling a huge milestone for the crypto exchange and the TAO project. Bittensor (TAO) listing involves several implications for investors and the crypto market at large.

First, TAO will be provided with increased accessibility and visibility to a global audience of cryptocurrency traders. With Binance endorsing Bittensor (TAO), TAO will attract massive interest and attention from institutional and retail investors, making it a top crypto to buy.

Also, the launch of TAO/BTC, TAO/FDUSD, TAO/USDT, and TAO/TRY trading pairs on Binance provided traders with different options for engaging with TAO. The different trading pairs can help increase liquidity for TAO and ensure investors can purchase and sell the TAO token at competitive prices.

Binance also decided to waive TAO’s listing fee, thereby offering support for the project’s liquidity and growth. By eliminating entry farmers, Binance has ensured that traders participate actively in TAO trading. This could enhance market activity further.

Concerning market speculation, Bittensor’s (TAO) listing on Binance made investors optimistic as they hoped for potential price changes, and that was the case. Once Binance made the announcement, Bittensor (TAO) experienced a price surge, increasing from its initial value of around $400 to a near-all-time high (ATH) of $788.4.

However, shortly after, TAO fell more than 25% and now trades below the $600 mark. Even with this, TAO remains one of the top crypto coins for investors.

Why Milei Moneda ($MEDA) Will Surely Deliver on Its Promises of Massive Returns

Milei Moneda’s innovative approach to transforming the meme coin market has garnered much attention from investors. This new meme coin, which operates on the Ethereum network, has displayed its potential for significant growth, establishing itself as a profitable investment opportunity.

Amidst the array of meme coin projects available today, Milei Moneda stands out as the best crypto to invest in. Milei Moneda prioritizes building an engaged community where members can directly contribute to the development of its ecosystem. Therefore, this platform grants membership and voting rights through its native token, $MEDA.

$MEDA maintains a good distribution model, where 60% of its resources are for the public, 15% for marketing and rewards, 5% for burns, 5% for airdrop, and the remaining 15% for liquidity.

As a deflationary token, $MEDA will keep growing in value as the total supply decreases. In order to restrict the transferability or the movability of the $MEDA token, it has been placed in a liquidity pool.

Moving ahead, Milei Moneda’s goal to create an inclusive financial space holds great possibilities. Milei Moneda comes with benefits like NFT staking rewards, access to great content, and monthly giveaways. The icing on the cake is the 0% transaction tax.

With the ongoing presale, $MEDA is poised to surge in value before its official launch. The launch price has been set at $0.020.


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