BlockDAG Presale Moves To Batch 12 Following Its Updated Roadmap Release, Beats NEAR & Cardano (ADA) Price Predictions

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6 days ago

The Elliot Wave analysis revealed that Cardano had dipped below its crucial support level, indicating potential challenges that could influence future Cardano (ADA) price predictions. While NEAR Protocol shows growth, surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum in Q1 2024.

Meanwhile, following an updated roadmap and the integration of 10 new payment methods, BlockDAG has once again shattered expectations, welcoming batch 12 at a thrilling price of $0.0075. This latest release has generated a staggering $26 million, derived from the sale of over 8.9 billion coins and 5514 mining rigs. This phenomenal success underscores BlockDAG’s robust market presence and its burgeoning appeal among crypto enthusiasts.



Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction: Elliot Wave Analysis

Based on Elliot Wave analysis, the Cardano price prediction suggests that ADA has slipped below the crucial $0.48 support, signaling a potential drop to $0.42.

Recent assessments confirm ADA’s uncertain bottom, indicating a further decline may be imminent. The dominance of sellers, as ADA broke below the $0.48 support, further invalidates any bullish bias and potentially signals a larger downswing to $0.42.

An observed decrease in open interest (OI) implies increased seller aggression, supporting the prediction of a decline to $0.42. Additionally, CLLD data shows an increase in long liquidations, reinforcing a bearish outlook. In a highly bearish scenario, ADA’s price could drop to $0.40, further delaying its bullish rally.



Near Protocol Growth: Performance Highlights in Q1 2024

In Q1 2024, the Near Protocol experienced notable growth, contributing to the rise of its native token, NEAR in market rankings. Its market cap reached $7.2 billion, with an increase in the fully diluted market cap. Network transaction fee revenues also rose, and daily active addresses peaked at 1.2 million, indicating steady user engagement.


BlockDAG charts

Total accounts on NEAR surpassed 100 million, indicating gradual expansion. Transaction activity and total value locked (TVL) both saw increases, reinforcing the ecosystem’s stability. Additionally, DEX volume expanded, and the stablecoin market cap rose. Despite a 64% decrease from its all-time high, NEAR’s token price is showing signs of improvement, aiming to surpass the $7.60 resistance level, suggesting potential growth for the Near Protocol in 2024.

BlockDAG Launches Batch 12: Price Surge and Accelerated Mainnet Roadmap

BlockDAG’s Batch 12 has launched at an engaging price of $0.0075, amassing $26 million from the sale of over 8.9 billion coins and 5514 mining rigs, with $2.5 million of this total coming solely from mining rig sales. This price represents a nearly 650% increase from the initial batch, showcasing consistent growth with a 50% increase with each subsequent release. The anticipated 45th and final batch is set to launch at $0.05, culminating in a staggering 4900% increase from the initial batch. Given this robust performance, experts are projecting a substantial 30,000-fold ROI potential, with BlockDAG’s price expected to reach $30 by 2030.

Moreover, BlockDAG is setting the crypto world ablaze with an accelerated roadmap, announcing an early mainnet launch four months ahead of schedule. The journey begins with a robust foundation and presale, escalates through intense marketing and growth phases, and culminates in a high-stakes mainnet launch. Amplifying the excitement, BlockDAG has revolutionized its payment options by introducing ten groundbreaking methods: Bitcoin, USDT, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Solana, Ripple, Polygon, Kaspa, Fantom, and Cardano. This strategic expansion not only diversifies transaction possibilities but also positions BlockDAG at the forefront of blockchain innovation, ready to capture the market.


BlockDAG blockchain roadmap

Final Say

In Q1 2024, Near Protocol saw significant growth, while Cardano price predictions remain bearish for the time being. On the other hand, BlockDAG’s Batch 12 launched at $0.0075, generating $26 million from over 8.9 billion coins. This price reflects a 650% increase from the initial batch, with each subsequent batch growing by 50%.

The highly anticipated final batch marks a dramatic 4900% increase. Experts predict a substantial 30,000x ROI potential for BlockDAG. The company’s accelerated roadmap includes an early mainnet launch and innovative payment options such as Bitcoin and Cardano, solidifying BlockDAG’s reputation as a leader in blockchain innovation and one of the best crypto platforms.

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