Boothbay Invests Heavily in Bitcoin ETFs

6 days ago

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Before 2024, we repeatedly mentioned something every time the ETF approval was announced. The difficult days are over. And with this, the Spot Bitcoin ETF approval was not an ordinary news as most investors perceived. We said that we could see its effects much more clearly within 3-6 months. Now, the expected news has arrived.

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Just a while ago, one of the largest US-based fund companies, Boothbay, did the expected. They reported their 13F form to the SEC, and we started seeing the details of how much BTC ETF they held. We had been saying that as these forms were entered into the systems, a positive atmosphere could prevail in the markets. So, how much BTC ETF can a single company hold on behalf of its partners? A whopping 5.2 billion dollars. This amount belongs to a single fund company, and many fund companies and investment advisors have not yet decided on the spot BTC ETF.

  • BlackRock Bitcoin ETF: $149,803,752 (3,701,600 shares)
  • Fidelity Bitcoin ETF: $105,502,000 (1,700,000 shares)
  • Grayscale BTC: $69,487,000 (1,100,000 shares)
  • Bitwise Bitcoin ETF: $52,258,500 (1,350,000 shares)

Boothbay is currently the largest reported investor in BlackRock, Fidelity, and Bitwise ETFs. In the coming hours, we may see more 13F forms revealing other companies’ BTC ETF reserves.

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