Breaking Boundaries: Bitgert Coin’s Impact on the Crypto Market

By TheNewsCrypto
about 1 month ago

Bitcoin and Ethereum will soon be tagged as assets fit for institutional hoarding as ETFs grow their geographical expanse and user base. While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blue chips remain the go-to choice, investors always seek tokens that have performed well, have good fundamentals, and have extreme upside potential. 

The bear market eliminated quite a few bad projects from the industry and gave rise to projects that gained imminent traction due to their potential. Among the many such projects, one such project caught the fancy of investors and developers alike is Bitgert. 

Bitgert is increasingly becoming a popular layer-1 blockchain for developers and funders to build their applications on, given Bitgert’s powerful speed of 100K TPS, scalability, and affordability. TBitgert is the first zero-fee blockchain on the crypto scene. It is giving tough competition to industry stalwarts like Solana, Tron, Cardano, etc.  

Already, the Bitgert ecosystem has seen a 2x increase in the number of users and forged many crucial partnerships with known names in the industry. Some of these partnerships include: 

  • SaaSGo is the world’s first Fiat-DeFi integrated platform for streamlining Web3 applications. 
  • innovating in the field of HPC data. 
  • KingdonX is a medieval game on Bitgert based on the metaverse.
  • Web3Nova is a big player in the decentralized landscape.
  • DogeWalk, Goshen, Catex, Sekuya, AssetLink, etc., are other notable names.  

Bitgert also has its own native suite of products for users. It has a zero-trading fee crypto exchange, a P2P exchange, a payment gateway, and a Startup Studio to help startups raise funds via public and private sales. 

Bitgert’s native token, BRISE, is attracting traction on all fronts. It has a limited supply and a deflationary mechanism. Since its launch, the Bitgert token has given early investors an ROI of 40,000%. 

Analysts predict the Bitgert token will reach a price of $0.0001 in the coming months and remove two or three zeroes from its price. This 20,000% increase can only be achieved if investors invest early in the token. 

The bull market is taking a break as Bitcoin undergoes massive correction after reaching another ATH. If halving cycles are to be believed, right after the halving, Bitcoin will set on another unprecedented growth course, taking along the entire altcoin market. 

The Bitgert team has burned down 2 million tokens to keep the supply under check and the price rising. Twelve percent of the supply gets burned down each time a transaction is processed. Bitgert has processed 25 million transactions to date. 

Bitgert also has a dedicated community of 800K members and an equally huge following on Twitter and Discord. The Bitgert team is working hard to gather the traction that Bitgert deserves. 

Bitgert is solving a significant use case that can lead to blockchain mass adoption at the industrial level. This correction presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy the dip. Are you buying Bitgert tokens today? 

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