Chainlink & Cosmos Believers Join DeeStream’s 17,000 Users in Anticipation of Market Disruption

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Warren Buffett says invest in what you understand, and that’s what many Chainlink and Cosmos investors are doing. DeeStream is one of the few crypto players to offer a platform with true utility to the wider public and one that most investors can easily understand.

DeeStream is revolutionizing the digital video streaming market by allowing true free speech (as long as it is legal) without censorship, instant payouts, and low fees, which is why over 17,000 users have already jumped on board. And that number is climbing at an exponential rate.

Chainlink LINK announced that Pairwyse, a decentralized smart contract development protocol, has joined its BUILD program for early-stage web3 projects. Pairwyse aims to bring the entire smart contract process on-chain, from initial proposals to future updates, enabling decentralized governance and customization. 

By integrating Chainlink services like cross-chain interoperability, data feeds, and automation, Pairwyse can expand smart contract use cases to include on-chain negotiation, development, and dispute resolution across blockchains.

This development is noteworthy for investors because it could massively expand the flexibility and functionality of smart contracts across different ecosystems. If successful, Pairwyse utilizing Chainlink could reduce costs and complexity for web3 developers building decentralized applications, driving further adoption. 

Given Chainlink’s proven track record in securing over $10.5 trillion in transaction value, its backing of Pairwyse also lends credibility. Overall, this highlights innovative new use cases for smart contracts and represents continued momentum behind Chainlink as the market standard oracle network underpinning next generation Web3 infrastructure.

It should be noted that, despite this announcement, Chainlink is trending downwards, with the coin trading at $17.2 as of this writing, compared to its annual high of $21.8 and its all-time high of $52.7 in May 2021.

Cosmos and Frax Finance Join Forces

Frax Finance, the decentralized protocol behind the popular FRAX stablecoin, has partnered with Cosmos asset issuance chain Noble to natively integrate FRAX and its staked version, sFRAX into the Cosmos ecosystem. 

This expansion allows Frax to boost adoption of its tokens into new DeFi applications like trading, savings, payments and collateral across the over 80 Cosmos blockchains. The move provides Cosmos users a decentralized stablecoin alternative to USDC to utilize within its interconnected ecosystem.

For investors, this partnership signals future growth opportunities for FRAX as its accessibility widens into the thriving Cosmos network. With over $2.5 billion in assets transferred between Cosmos chains in the past month alone, Frax can tap into this substantial on-chain activity and user base to increase usage of FRAX and sFRAX. 

As adoption rises, it may positively impact the tokens’ valuations. Investors can monitor leading Cosmos applications like Osmosis, dYdX, and Injective to track whether significant FRAX adoption materializes within DeFi, NFT, and other verticals. The integration efficiency across Noble and other Cosmos chains will likely correlate with any price and stability impact.

DeeStream Trailblazes in the Video Streaming Space and Draws in Investors

DeeStream’s cutting-edge approach to the digital video streaming market is not only challenging existing platforms but also proving highly attractive to creators, consumers, and investors. It’s a well-known “secret” that many video streaming platforms have an unpleasant approach when it comes to supporting publishers. 

One wrong word can get a video demonetized, and too many disparate opinions to what the platform considers “acceptable” can get one’s channel completely banned. As a result, many have seen their livelihoods completely wiped out.

So, it’s no wonder that DeeStream has already attracted 17,000 users in just a few weeks, and this number is climbing exponentially. And, with it selling at $0.055 in Stage 2 of its presale, Chainlink and Cosmos investors are jumping on board as quickly as possible to avoid missing out on the next big disruptor in the digital video streaming space and the likely massive gains to follow.

After all, instant payouts, true free speech, and low fees are going to attract a massive number of creators, who will bring an impressive number of consumers with them. 

For more information about DeeStream’s presale, check out the website here

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