Conference in Pohang City attracts young metaverse enthusiasts

By CoinNess Global
7 months ago

The Global Youth Metaverse Conference has commenced at the POSCO International Center in the South Korean port city of Pohang. This two-day event, starting from Nov. 21, gathers over 100 participants from both domestic and international spheres, including young individuals and business officials.

The event provides a chance for participants to listen to lectures from scholars around the world, network with youths from various countries, and learn about the potential impacts of the metaverse. The presentations focus on business strategies for the burgeoning metaverse industry, illustrating its development through the convergence with diverse technologies and industries, including AI and blockchain.

Youth’s role in navigating the ‘Big Blur’

The conference focuses on the youth’s leading role in navigating what’s called the “big blur.” This term alludes to the increasing blurring of boundaries between various industries, a phenomenon driven by the rapid and innovative technological advancements associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This revolution encompasses transformative elements such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics, all of which are accelerating this convergence.

During his keynote speech, Professor Kim Sang-gyun from Kyung Hee University paints a picture of the metaverse shaped by superhuman capabilities, emphasizing the transformative potential of technologies like AI, genetic engineering and nanotechnology in reshaping the future of humanity.

Further enriching the dialogue, Daniél Ávila Arias, CEO of BoxMagic, explores the future of coding in everyday language. He delved into how advancements in large language models will revolutionize programming and our interaction with machines. Meanwhile, Lim Jung-hun, Principal at Deloitte Anjin, offers valuable advice to young entrepreneurs eyeing metaverse-related startups, highlighting the importance of customer experience in metaverse business implementations.

Moses Im from The Sandbox shares insights into the profound changes expected as Web3 infrastructures and platforms gain more traction.

Interactive and cultural activities

The conference also features a range of content events designed to spark creative discussions among the youth and enhance their understanding of the metaverse. These include a booth for immersive virtual interactions, an exhibition displaying works from the Creative Metaverse Festival, and a digital photo exhibition promoting cultural tourism in the province.

Echoing the event’s themes, Kim Nam-il, Deputy Mayor of Pohang, affirmed the city’s dedication to nurturing the metaverse industry, recognizing it as a new frontier in the digital age. He stated that the city is taking proactive steps to explore and develop this sector and assured that they will provide extensive support and cooperation to foster its growth.

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