Crypto Market Shifts Focus to AI And Gaming Coins

By CryptoTale
about 2 months ago
  • Miles Deutser highlights deepin's role in democratizing AI network GPU access in the crypto market.
  • Deutser predicts a 2024 surge in AI and gaming coins, emphasizing patient, trend-focused investment strategies for long-term gains.
  • Emerging AI protocols and AAA gaming titles to significantly impact crypto trends, says Deutser.

In the crypto market, the spotlight is now shifting towards AI and gaming sectors, which are becoming increasingly influential in shaping market trends. Crypto analyst and trader Miles Deutser, in an analysis on Altcoin Daily's YouTube channel, delves into the details, particularly highlighting the potential of AI-driven altcoins set to make significant strides in 2024.

The crypto market is witnessing a surge in interest towards AI altcoins, with Deutser identifying key players like Golem, Render Network, and Ather. These cryptocurrencies are not just riding the AI wave but are actively contributing to the sector's growth. One of the standout mentions is deepin, a platform that democratizes GPU power access for AI networks. This technology is crucial as it enables AI systems to scale effectively by tapping into necessary computing resources, marking a significant development in the infrastructure aspect of AI in the crypto domain.

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