Crypto Prices Today 22 April: BTC $66K, Altcoins Wild Ride

By Coingabbar
about 1 month ago

TOP 5 Gainers Coins

Indices LTP Change (%)
AIOZ Network $0.7923 15.46%
Sei $0.6693 11.51%
Near Protocol $6.87 8.35%
Pepe $0.000006472 6.42%
The Graph $0.3045 6.21%

Crypto News Key Highlights:

  • Binance executive Nadeem Anjarwalla, who fled Nigeria, has been captured by Kenyan authorities. He faces extradition to Nigeria for alleged financial crimes totaling $35.4 million, including tax evasion and money laundering. Anjarwalla's apprehension, along with his associate Tigran Gambaryan, underscores international cooperation in combating financial fraud.

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum saw significant outflows totaling $226 million last week. Bitcoin accounted for $192 million, while Ethereum saw $34 million exiting, marking its 6th consecutive week of outflows. However, altcoins like Litecoin and Chainlink attracted inflows, contrasting with persistent negative sentiment in blockchain equities and the US ETF market.

  • Thailand's SEC announced measures to combat online crime and money laundering through unauthorized digital asset service providers. Collaborating with relevant agencies, they aim to block unauthorized access to these platforms, following precedents set by India and the Philippines. The crackdown emphasizes compliance and user protection while promoting a safe digital asset environment.

  • Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pledges to put the entire US budget on blockchain for transparency. His initiative garners support from the crypto community, including Cardano's Charles Hoskinson, who sees RFK Jr. as a refreshing alternative to traditional politics, despite family backing of Joe Biden.

  • Thai SEC will block unlicensed crypto exchanges to combat money laundering, following India and the Philippines. Investors urged to withdraw funds before the ban. Binance and other popular exchanges operate illegally in Thailand. EU's MiCA may impose regulations on DeFi, impacting accessibility, notes MakerDAO's Christensen.

  • Bitcoin's fourth halving sparked varied views in the crypto community. Avalanche's Gün Sirer critiques its abrupt reward reduction, while acknowledging its speculative impact. Tether's Ardoino doubts immediate price effects but eyes ETFs' potential. Hyun of TON Foundation sees halving as showcasing crypto's self-regulating code to wider audiences.

  • Economist Peter Schiff criticized Bitcoin's transaction fees and processing times post-Halving, sparking debate. BitMEX Research countered, suggesting high fees indicate success but could hinder adoption. Schiff proposed gold tokenization on blockchain as a solution, asserting its superiority over Bitcoin. Earlier, Schiff's sarcastic remark on Bitcoin's Halving drew backlash.

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