December Price Predictions for Three Popular Altcoins: SEI, TIA, and KAS

3 months ago

With 2024 just around the corner, we are in the final hours of November. As the monthly close approaches, excitement increases. The biggest curiosity remains whether the ongoing monthly uptrends will continue to delight investors in December. Current readings for three popular altcoins indicate potential further rises next month.

SEI Coin December Prediction

<a href="”>Altcoin confirmed its resistance as support on November 27 and climbed to $0.3 today. If SEI surpasses this, it could see a 50% increase to $0.43. The new smart contract platform aims to rapidly revitalize its ecosystem with EVM support and is among those eagerly awaiting the bullish market.

When we consider the 2021 gains of cryptocurrencies like SOL and AVAX, there are many cryptos like SEI Coin that have not yet experienced a bullish market and are eagerly anticipated.

Despite the bullish prediction, a rejection from $0.3 could push the price down to $0.22.

Celestia (TIA) Commentary

Recently making quite a name for itself, Celestia could attract investors’ attention in December. An impressive rally that began on November 10 brought a 200% increase in 8 days. TIA Coin price, reaching a peak of $7.42, experienced a slight decline but resumed its rise on November 22.

If TIA Coin breaks upwards as expected, we could see a 40% increase in price to $8.9.

Despite the bullish forecast for TIA Coin, a rejection at the $6.50 resistance area could trigger a drop towards $5.30.

Kaspa (KAS) December Price Forecast

The popular cryptocurrency that resumed its uptrend in April has been occupying the agenda for a long time. The Elliott Wave theory might be useful for the price’s next phase. The most likely count suggests that KAS price initiated a five-wave rise in May and is currently in the third wave.

Accordingly, the price breaking out from the forming triangle could leap to $0.18. To see this happen, a strong demand wave must be evident. Demand should also multiply when the triangle breaks upwards. Of course, the performance of the BTC price will also be influential here.

What if the triangle breaks downwards? In that case, the price is expected to drop to $0.09 in December.

Disclaimer: The information in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware of the high volatility and associated risks of cryptocurrencies, and make transactions based on their own research.

  • December predictions excite altcoin investors.
  • SEI, TIA, and KAS may see price surges.
  • Elliott Wave theory suggests bullish Kaspa.
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