Dogecoin Value Creation Near Zero, Octoblock’s USDC Airdrops Provides A Better Option

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Octoblock’s innovative USDC airdrops during the presale, help package investor value with tangible rewards and meaningful investment engagements. Octoblock is committed to sustainable investment growth to enrich holders with unmatched utility, with philanthropic consciousness, as it rolls out the new DeFi. OCTO contrasts Dogecoin’s near zero utility is weighed down by its lack of intrinsic value, delegating it as a mere transactional token.

Dogecoin Price

The Bitcoin price slump resonated badly on Dogecoin price, as it topped the memecoin dip by 11% to $0.15. The old memecoin pioneer sits in the top ten by market cap thanks to its community of followers and the Elon Musk factor. Comparing the current Dogecoin price with its ATH at $0.74, there is an 85% decline and investors are cautious about investing in this asset class heavily reliant on hype rather than real utility. The rise and fall of DOGE is attributable to Musk’s announcements of finding a way for Dogecoin’s utility after taking over Twitter. However, he is cautious as his Tesla pursues carbon reduction, and the energy-intensive mining does not complement the efforts. Dogecoin holders HODL it to make money, but it lacks other use cases, making it a more speculative option, driving those searching for real utility to new projects like Octoblock.

Octoblock (OCTO)

Octoblock demystifies DeFi solutions by enabling easy access and introducing inclusive products and services. Octoblock recommends a Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF) technology where investors collaborate for better opportunities. They can access better yields, inclusive governance, and better products by operating collectively in a pool.

Value Generation With Octoblock’s USDC Airdrops


Octoblock is posting great utility activities even before launch, signifying an advancing project to become the best crypto to buy. Its ICO at a discounted price of $0.038, with a 12% bonus, attracts inflows from several quarters for its rich value creation, including the Dogecoin community. The ICO, currently in phase four ushers OCTO holders to participate in ICO staking and post impressive APY during its initial stages. The project’s value generation is fronted by the Nautilus Trove which applies funds to profitable projects for distribution as rewards, management fees, and philanthropic causes.

Almost half of the generated profits are channelled to investors’ portfolios via OCTO and USDC airdrop rewards. The airdrop rewards are distributed to the holders’ registered addresses used during account opening. OCTO’s airdrops distribution is a weekly event occurring on Mondays, and at the same time, the applicable APY, currently at 165% is displayed on the website. The all-time rewards, clocks $1705.50 with a TVL of 27,394 shows progressive ICO even in its initial phases. 

Octoblock’s value creation also extends cross-chains, seeking to become a secure and user-friendly solution to transfers, conversions, and transactions. The Coral Cove DEX will ensure seamless support to diverse crypto assets and blockchains.

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