Empowering Female Leaders: Tips Unveiled by Leading Women in Tech

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8 months ago

In the dynamic realm of technology, the gender gap remains a pervasive challenge, with just 32% of women holding positions in the sector. Here, we unveil the empowering tips and advice from nine distinguished women in tech, to inspire the next generation of female leaders.

Catalina Valentino: Trust Your Instinct and Be Fearless

Catalina Valentino, a dynamic Gen-Z Entrepreneur, shares practical advice drawn from her entrepreneurial journey. “Trust your instinct. Everything happens the way it should. Life is a journey, not a rush from A to Z.” Valentino advocates for resilience and fearlessness, emphasizing the importance of saying no and building a personal brand. Her tips serve as a guide for those navigating the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Ivanna Wendel: Embrace Your Unique Voice and Vision

Ivanna Wendel, founder of LabiOffice Suite and Wtech.club US Lead Partner, believes that the journey of a female leader begins with embracing one’s unique voice and vision. “Educate yourself and advocate for change. Be fearless, lead with empathy, and inspire the next generation. And always remember — your journey as a female leader starts with believing in your power to make a difference!” Wendel’s words echo the importance of authenticity and empowerment in leadership.

Pico Velasquez: A Journey Guided by Self-Belief

Pico Velasquez, Computational Architect and Metaverse Thought Leader, emphasizes that becoming a female leader is a journey guided by self-belief, passion, and perseverance. “Align with your goals, build a strong network, and desire to bring positive outcomes to humanity and the planet through your services,” she advises. Velasquez offers a roadmap with clear steps, urging aspiring female leaders to define their vision, set goals, and foster a community that shares their values.

Jessica Alderson: Embrace Your Unique Leadership Style

Jessica Alderson, Co-Founder and CEO of So Syncd, emphasizes the power of embracing one’s unique leadership style. “If a stereotypical ‘masculine’ leadership style isn’t your natural tendency, don’t try to force it. Authenticity helps to build trust and respect with your team.” Alderson’s advice highlights the strength in authenticity and staying true to oneself, a crucial aspect of effective leadership.

Saumya Bhatnagar: Embrace Leadership First, Gender Second

Saumya Bhatnagar, CPO and Co-founder of involve.ai, advocates for embracing leadership first and gender second. “Make high-conviction bets. When doubt creeps in, remind yourself that your leadership is the game-changer your venture needs. Embrace challenges and pave the path for others.” Bhatnagar’s approach emphasizes the importance of confidence and resilience in leadership.

Dr. Cindy Gordon: Women in IT Leadership is a Business Imperative

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice and Forbes AI Thought Leader, sees women in IT leadership as a business imperative. “It’s simply smart business to have more diversity and equity in the technology community.” Gordon’s perspective reinforces the value that women bring to the tech sector, making valuable contributions and driving positive change.

Laura Rofe: Leadership Starts Within

Laura Rofe, Director of Partner Management at Thunes, provides a comprehensive set of tips for effective leadership. “Be yourself, be kind, be bold, grow your knowledge, be an advocate, find your mentors, and lead by example.” Rofe’s advice underscores the multifaceted nature of leadership, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, kindness, and continuous learning.

Julie Barbier-Leblan: Leadership Sustained by Trust

Julie Barbier-Leblan, CEO & Co-Founder at Merit, an entrepreneur with a 15-year journey marked by tech advancements, stresses the importance of trust in leadership. “What makes our leadership sustain is trust, not fear.” Barbier-Leblan encourages women to be open communicators, learn from mistakes, and deconstruct barriers in leadership.

Raisa Ghazi: Crafting Strategies for Women’s Leadership

Raisa Ghazi, Founder and Owner of Raisa Ghazi LLC, focuses on the skills crucial for women’s leadership development. “High confidence levels, self-promotion, building influential networks, negotiating the value they deserve.” Ghazi emphasizes the need for strategic perspective, tailored specifically for female leadership, to overcome barriers and excel in critical leadership skills.

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