Experts Analyze Bitcoin and Altcoin Trends

11 days ago

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BTC attempted a new test in the $60,000 region in the last 24 hours but unfortunately failed. So, what is the current situation with altcoins? Let’s examine the latest CEEK, BONK, MINA, and MATIC Coin charts. We will evaluate the possible levels to be tested and the regions to be reached in both scenarios.

CEEK Coin Predictions

With the loss of the $0.0447 threshold, nightmare days began for CEEK Coin. The weakening had already accelerated due to the loss of interest in the metaverse field and the loss of faith among CEEK Coin investors.

After the last $0.116 attempt also failed, the price dropped by 75% in 116 days. For now, it has recovered from the bottom and is attempting $0.038. If successful, the parallel channel support can be regained.

BONK Coin Prediction

We only saw wicks at the $0.0000182 support and BONK Coin price regained the parallel channel support. Since the $0.0000248 base was maintained, a new test at $0.0000291 will not be surprising soon. Closures above this level will also lay the groundwork for new ATH attempts. In the short term, a rapid rise targeting $0.0000441 can occur if BTC reclaims $60,000.

In the bearish scenario, we could see deeper wicks to $0.0000131. However, BTC currently remains strong, so the direction seems upward.

MINA Coin Analysis

The network has finally reached the point of building the ecosystem it has been waiting for years. MINA Coin investors have been waiting for the network to become capable of running smart contracts for years. Now many applications are preparing to go live with grants and support. If the MINA Coin team can implement the scenario they have been waiting for within a few months, a leading rise similar to the one at the beginning of January may occur again.

The price, which has moved away from the $0.441 support, needs to solidify the $0.511 base soon and run towards the $0.725 target. If successful, closures above $1 can begin for real bull market peak attempts.

MATIC Price Prediction

Compared to many altcoins, MATIC Coin experienced a 2% increase today. Even BTC turned red (-0.14%) while MATIC remained green at the time of writing. The 114-day decline brought a 66% loss, and the price started to recover from the bottom on July 5.

Now, MATIC Coin needs to reclaim the $0.546 support and target $0.68. If this threshold can be surpassed, targets above $1 may come back into focus.

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