Giant Company Managing $5.6 Billion Profits Most from These 4 Altcoins in Its Crypto Fund

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about 1 month ago

Pantera Capital's Liquid Token Fund, valued at approximately $300 million, reported a 66% profit in the first quarter. The fund's performance was primarily driven by the altcoins Solana (SOL), Ribbon Finance (RBN), Aevo and Stacks (STX).

The fund has significantly reduced its exposure to Ethereum-linked tokens, considering factors such as the reduced likelihood of the United States approving a spot Ethereum ETF.

The fund's performance from January to March was also supported by gains in digital assets such as RBN, Aevo and STX, according to a shareholder letter seen by Bloomberg.

Bitcoin rose 67% in the first quarter, reaching a record high of $73,798 in mid-March, before falling back. Meanwhile, Solana has nearly doubled in size over the same period.

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Portfolio manager Cosmo Jiang explained in an interview that the fund has reduced its Bitcoin holdings by more than half in the last three months. “We were pretty heavily weighted in Bitcoin until the beginning of the year and have actually meaningfully reduced that Bitcoin position each month,” he said.

Bitcoin has quadrupled since the beginning of 2023, helped by the launch of US ETFs that hold BTC directly. But the crypto rally has slowed since Bitcoin reached an all-time high as investors scaled back their bets on the Fed easing monetary policy.

Pantera Capital, a $5.2 billion asset manager, began investing in cryptocurrencies in 2013.

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