Investors Turn to Raffle Coin’s Presale as Injective & First Digital USD Markets Show Instability

about 1 month ago

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Investor behavior is interesting to observe and predict. Sometimes, it suggests trends within the market that it could be helpful to stay aware of. After all, several investors (and their funds) moving in one direction suggests there is either trouble where they are moving from or better prospects where they are moving to. In addition, this movement on funds likely impacts both investments.

Recently observed movements show an influx of investors into the new GameFi, Raffle Coin. Many of these investors hold or previously held Injective and First Digital USD. We analyze the factors that could be pushing them in either direction and if the Raffle Coin presale is what it says it is.

Injective in Shaky April Performance

For Injective holders, instability isn’t new. However, much of it typically pushed the token higher in value. Now, fluctuations for Injective are accompanied by a steady and traceable decline that worries many holders of the crypto.

Injective has declined by over 20.34% over the past month. A smaller 3% decline in price has occurred over the last week as well Injective is worth $25.378 per unit as of press time. Further swings are expected by next week, but it appears the coin will continue to be bearish in Q2’s third week.

First Digital USD Exhibits More Signs of Instability?

For a stablecoin like First Digital USD, its stability is the main draw. Stablecoins are pegged to a certain value and attract investors based on the premise that the money they put in will be what they get back – the dollar value, at least. However, they aren’t immune to fluctuations. First Digital USD has seen some more movements and much of it isn’t positive for investors.

For example, as of press time, it is lower than its $1 peg, selling for $0.999294 per unit of First Digital USD. It also registers a 0.67% decline compared to 7 days, less than most other cryptos but disturbing for a stablecoin. The gap for First Digital USD is between a 0.03% and 0.01% decline. An indicator of the relative confidence in the token is the 19% increase in market cap experienced over the last 24 hours.

Raffle Coin Changing the Gaming Scene

Various projects in the crypto space tap into an aspect of digital life and improve on it. Raffle Coin is a GameFi project that creates a highly efficient recreation and gaming space for users. It is a blockchain-based ecosystem where users can play listed draws and win a variety of prizes.

Raffle Coin offers users many unique prizes, ranging from crypto to clothing items and even holiday getaways. All users can access the listed games on Raffle Coin and play from anywhere in the world. There is no KYC requirement to join the platform. It also functions with a fully decentralized model so everyone can contribute to improvements on the platform as long as they hold some of the tokens.

The additional advantage of holding Raffle Coin in the presale stage is benefitting from the project’s revenue-sharing plan. Presale holders earn a portion of the profits the platform generates. This profit goes up, as more investors buy Raffle Coinduring the presale. It is in stage one, selling for $0.02 per unit, a very low price compared to the rest of the market. Many investors view Raffle Coin as a smart future option.


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