Key Insights on Cryptocurrency Trends and Predictions

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Bitcoin halving is just a short time away. As the countdown to the Bitcoin halving continues, data shows that there are about 58 hours left, which corresponds to 356 blocks that need to be mined. During this period, investors should not forget that they may encounter sharp price movements. At the time of writing, the BTC price is trading at $62,500.

PEPE Coin Comments

It can be difficult to find the most profitable cryptocurrency among thousands. However, by looking at long-term price movements and their performance before the last Bitcoin halving, you might want to know which ones you would want to sell.

During this process, some cryptocurrencies emerge for investors. It should be noted that these predictions are not certain.

The first of these is none other than PEPE, which made a significant impact last month. PEPE, since its emergence, has experienced a rise of 9145.22%, making it one of the top earners over the last two years. However, this could reverse after the Bitcoin halving.

PEPE has become increasingly popular since it entered the market, entering a period of rise up to $0.00000378. However, the situation for this meme cryptocurrency reversed shortly thereafter.

Looking at the current price movement, PEPE visited major price peaks and appears to be in a good position according to data emerging a year after the decline, but a downward trend reappeared in April, leading to a 30.05% drop in price to $0.000005223 within just one month.

A potential decline in BTC shortly after the halving could trigger a fall in PEPE to last year’s values, potentially disappointing investors.

Mantle (MNT) Comments

MNT emerged in August 2023 and has not been on the market for a long time. Despite its recent entry, MNT reached its ATH of $1.51 on April 8.

Following this period, it experienced a 12% loss in value over the last week, trading at $1.11 at the time of writing, while showing a downward trend.

According to some analysts, due to the Bitcoin halving, altcoins could face negative effects in the coming days and even months, and MNT’s value could gradually decrease over time.

BONK Price Falling

BONK made a significant impact last year. Following a sharp decline, the meme coin still managed to perform well in March, but the continuous poor performance has worried investors. The reason is that its price fell by 43% within a month.

Although this is not the lowest level for BONK, when compared to its all-time high of $0.00001504, the value dropped by 69.02% in a very short time.

Due to its low value and being a meme coin, there are some views and rumors that the trend might end. Consequently, the cryptocurrency could continue its price decline post-halving. At the time of writing, BONK is finding buyers at $0.00001382.

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