Mantle & Stacks Communities Excited by DeeStream’s Advertising Potential, Predicting Profitable Returns for Holders

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about 1 month ago

Investors in the Mantle and Stacks communities are excited about DeeStream’s ability to market ads. Yes! Ads are one of the world’s biggest industries, and experts think DeeStream could make a lot of money for people and investors through displaying ads. DeeStream is doing something new by using blockchain technology to change how ads work. This technology could lead to better and fairer ways of showing ads to people.

DeeStream seems promising to investors due to its capped supply of 300 million tokens, a secure audit, and permanently locked liquidity. Analysts predict that DeeStream could increase by at least 50X in just a few months after its launch.

Mantle Gained 47.14% In Last Month

Mantle Network is a special tool that helps Ethereum work better. Imagine Ethereum as a busy highway and Mantle Network as a way to widen that highway. Instead of each car (or transaction) taking up much space on the highway, Mantle Network collects many transactions and sends them as one package, like a compressed block.

Lately, Mantle’s been doing great! In the past month alone, the coin shot up by 47.14%. And if we look back over the last three months, things have been even better, with Mantle gaining a whopping 121.15%! Zoom out to the bigger picture, and you’ll see that Mantle’s value has soared by 171.27% over the past year.

The overall sentiment with Mantle right now is bullish. While the crypto market is in a correction/consolidation zone, Mantle is also showing sideways action. Once the market peaks, in our opinion, Mantle will be one of the highest gainers.

Stacks Gained 201.47% in this Bull Run

Stacks is a cryptocurrency that has seen significant growth recently, especially in the recent crypto rally. Stacks is a layer built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing for functionalities like smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) on the Bitcoin network. This integration aims to unlock the potential of Bitcoin for a wider range of uses.

Stacks has gained over 200% since the rally started in early this year. Right now, people are booking their handsome gains on Stacks. The cryptocurrency market is going through a bit of a slowdown, and Stacks is also showing some correction.

Investors Shifting Profit from Mantle and Stacks to DeeStream for 50X Return

Investors who have already booked the gains from these two coins are now grabbing their slots in the DeeStream presale, priced at just $0.06. DeeStream is a new video streaming platform that uses blockchain technology. It’s different because it’s not controlled by one big company; it is a decentralized technology. On DeeStream, you can make money by watching videos, making videos, or even just helping out in different ways.

DeeStream makes money in several ways: Sponsored Advertising, Platform Fees, and Subscription Fees. Half of this revenue goes to the people who bought tokens at the presale. Unlike other streaming sites, where you might get banned or have trouble withdrawing your money, DeeStream lets you express yourself without worrying about that stuff.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website here.

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