Mollars Token Now Listed on Bitmart Crypto Exchange

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about 1 month ago

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The rivalry between Bitcoin and newcomer altcoin, “Mollars,” is heating up. Just a few weeks ago the ERC-20 token closed its ICO presale, with over 1.7 million dollars raised. It listed on Uniswap [view here] almost immediately after, where the price lept from $0.65 to an all-time high of $1.10 before a correction.

Now holding stable at $0.367, holders of the new store-of-value asset are braced for another upward spike in price as Bitmart exchange listed $MOLLARS token this morning [link].

The listing is no surprise as it was announced previously. The decentralized exchange tweeted it would list the Mollars token nearly 1 month ago.

What crypto exchanges have listed Mollars?

This is the third crypto exchange to list the new altcoin. Uniswap and Lbank Exchange have both added it to their listings.

The Bitmart listing could result in a sudden sleuth of investors for the store-of-value asset, which is primarily to be used by investors to retain value on their money against global inflation; As the value of fiat currency goes down against commercial product values, such low supply cryptocurrencies are meant to increase in value as investors buy and hold more of it.


How many users does Bitmart have?

Bitmart reported it had 9 million users in 2022.  The massive amount of crypto traders using the exchange would make it the second largest to list the Mollars token, only behind Uniswap.  

The Mollars token has a total token supply of only 10 million tokens. This is less than half of Bitcoin’s 21 million coins.

While the $MOLLARS token is listed on exchanges like Uniswap and Bitmart, it will also be a native currency to its decentralized crypto exchange; an industry first for a token with its overall infrastructure and project design.

Native DEX

Mollars token will be used as a ‘bridging’ device for the coming decentralized exchange: Mollars. CC.   It’s slated to launch on or before September 15th, but Reddit community members have been speculating it could launch as soon as August.

Continuing to grow and improve in branding value, the Mollars token can now be traded (buy, sell) on Bitmart.

It’s believed 2 other exchanges will also list the Mollars token before the DEX launches. 

Such listings could see the price spike to over 200% from today’s price with slight traction from ‘first-day’ investor crowds.

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