New Crypto Bitbot vs. OKB. Which Crypto Could Rocket In 2024?

3 months ago

As the crypto market eyes up another high, two tokens have recently been in the spotlight: Bitbot and OKB. 

Bitbot, a new crypto project that’s raised $3.0m in its ongoing presale, has shown exceptional promise with its innovative AI trading bot technology. Meanwhile, OKB, the utility token for the OKX crypto exchange, has maintained its long-standing bullish trend amid rising trading activity.

But which has the most potential in 2024? Let’s find out.

Bitbot: A New Paradigm For AI Telegram Trading Bots

Bitbot is a new crypto aiming to shake up the blossoming Telegram trading bot market. In a sector that’s seen a whopping $19 billion+ in trading volume from about 1.5 million traders—$13 Billion of which has occurred just since the beginning of this year—Bitbot focuses on two key innovations that it believes could set an industry-wide standard: integrating advanced AI and prioritizing security.

Telegram trading bots are designed to offer easy access to decentralized exchanges within the Telegram platform and allow traders to tap into the under-the-radar opportunities often found on these exchanges. But while its competitors typically rely on basic metrics to identify promising new crypto tokens, Bitbot leverages sophisticated AI. 

Its Gem Scanner pulls data from various sources to pinpoint trending tokens. It then assigns a one-look score based on on-chain activity and overall sentiment. Impressively, this AI is self-evolving and can be interacted with using natural language, making it as intuitive as it is intelligent.

Bitbot also excels in security. Unlike its competitors, such as Unibot, Maestro, and Banana Gun, which have struggled with setbacks related to the custody of user keys and funds, Bitbot adopts a non-custodial approach. This setup ensures users’ assets remain in their wallets until trades are executed, drastically reducing the vulnerability to hacks. 

Further enhancing its allure, Bitbot offers a revenue-sharing program that pays out a share of up to 50% of the bot’s revenues, and a referral scheme rewarding 15% kickbacks from referred user trades. 

With Telegram trading bots only growing more popular, Bitbot finds itself on fertile ground. Its game-changing innovations could capture many of those 1.5 million bot traders this year, potentially creating a wave of bullishness that rewards presale backers. Plus, with its groundbreaking AI insights and industry-advancing security, Bitbot could rapidly onboard new users to this billion-dollar market, growing it to new levels.

Bitbot Price Prediction 2024

Bitbot’s new crypto presale has ignited significant interest, surpassing $3.0m and rallying tens of thousands of investors. They’ve helped push Bitbot to stage 12 of its 15-stage presale, currently priced at $0.0171 with 16.96% to grow before reaching its final price of $0.02.  

To understand Bitbot’s potential, we must look at its competitor, Banana Gun. Despite facing hurdles early on, Banana Gun managed an 80x return for its early presale investors, reaching an all-time high in early April 2024.

Banana Gun raised $1.3 Million in presale; Bitbot has already doubled that figure! Factoring in Bitbot’s potential to set a gold standard in this booming sector, 50x returns could be on the conservative side of what’s possible this year.

OKB: Dwindling Volumes Signal Caution

OKB is the native crypto exchange token of OKX, an exchange trailing just behind Binance and Bybit in terms of volume. Much like Binance’s BNB, OKB serves as the native utility token of the OKX platform, providing users with reduced transaction fees, governance votes, and access to exclusive features like early access to new crypto tokens.

At the start of 2023, OKB’s price was around $25. It saw a dramatic rise to approximately $72 by mid-March 2024. Like BNB, the OKB price rises with trading activity as traders purchase the token to capitalize on lower fees and special offers. 

However, despite these peaks, OKB’s trading volume has significantly dropped compared to the frantic days of 2021’s bull market, where daily volumes soared into the hundreds of millions. In contrast, 2024 has seen days when it struggled to surpass $10 million.

This fluctuation serves as a cautious note for investors. As they look ahead, the question remains: What could OKB be worth later this year?

OKB Price Prediction 2024

Priced at around $55 at press time, OKB has receded from its peak of about $72, reflecting a broader market pullback. While the trend for this crypto exchange token remains bullish, the dip in trading volumes raises eyebrows about its trajectory. 

Historically, OKB has hit new highs during previous bull markets, making a surge towards $80 or even $100 entirely plausible. However, compared to the explosive potential of Bitbot’s new crypto presale, OKB’s prospects, though solid, appear more tempered.

FOMO Around Bitbot Is Ramping Up—Be Quick

While OKB isn’t the worst opportunity in the world, it doesn’t quite spark the excitement surrounding Bitbot. With its app launch coming soon and crypto exchange listings around the corner, Bitbot has inspired its 80k+ Twitter followers and 28k+ Telegram members

Ongoing product updates have sent FOMO into overdrive, and the final few phases could sell out within weeks—secure a position before it’s too late.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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