New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – GreenWAVES,, Cifi

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Digital assets are gaining increased recognition with Paradigm, a popular liquidity network, launching linear options altcoin trading on the Deribit exchange. Meanwhile, the market is progressing upward in today’s trading session. 

On another note, the crypto arena has witnessed an influx of new cryptocurrency releases, listings, & presales today. InsideBitcoins lists such tokens, including their use cases, partnerships, and current market outlook.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

GreenWAVES is an ecosystem built around its native token, GreenWAVES ($GRWV). It provides diverse services and initiatives to enhance crypto payments and bolster community involvement. 5th Scape attracts considerable attention from market participants, amassing investments exceeding $5.9 million in its ongoing presale phase. 

Furthermore,, a blockchain-powered platform, aims to elevate academic research, ensure accessibility, and harness data effectively. CIFI stands out as a distinctive platform dedicated to blockchain communication and fostering community connections. Meanwhile, Ether’s supply resurgence raises questions among investors.

1. GreenWAVES (GRWV)

GreenWAVES is an ecosystem centered around its native token, GreenWAVES ($GRWV). The protocol offers various services and initiatives to facilitate crypto payments and improve community engagement. 

Furthermore, GreenWAVES allows users access to a BuyBack initiative that exemplifies proactive engagement. In addition, it comprises a network of establishments orchestrated by the GreenWAVES Team. The network generates revenue by repurchasing GreenWAVES tokens from E-Commerce outlets, increasing liquidity, and financing marketing or developmental endeavors.

GRWV Price Chart

Meanwhile, GreenWAVES utility extends into Ecommerce, presenting a Peer-To-Peer crypto payment platform for the future. It also caters to a diverse audience, facilitating easy crypto payments for businesses and individuals. Notably, the system oversees the payment process from initiation to completion, abstaining from direct transaction involvement. Instead, it levies a nominal fee (0.08%) through a distinct credit system. 

This system allocates a complimentary $125 sales budget to each user, obviating the need for immediate balance top-ups until said budget is exhausted. Moreover, a $10 top-up equals a $1250 sales budget enhancement.

The long-term objectives include expanding the GreenWAVES Payments DApp, ascending to the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, and securing Tier 1 and 2 exchange listings. In contrast, the short-term aspirations involve amplifying awareness through extensive online and offline marketing strategies.

In summation, the GreenWAVES Ecosystem navigates a trajectory of steady growth and innovation, underpinned by the multifaceted utility of the GreenWAVES token and a commitment to expansive market outreach.

 2. 5th Scape (5SCAPE)

The 5thScape project attracts market participants’ interest, with significant investment surpassing $5.9 million in its current presale phase. This indicates growing interest and confidence among investors. 

Moreover, the 5thScape ecosystem is powered by 5SCAPE Coin, the primary currency facilitating access to premium VR content and unlocking special in-game features. This currency enriches gaming experiences and community engagement within the virtual reality landscape, signaling significant growth prospects.

Furthermore, the VR Ultra headset is central to the 5thScape experience. It promises heightened immersion for gaming, exploration, or educational users. This headset aims to deliver unparalleled immersion, enhancing overall experiences.

Meanwhile, the project’s pricing stages have evolved, with the current price of $0.00327 offering a potential return of 205.81% from the listing price of $0.01. Additionally, it reflects a 14.98% increase from its subsequent price of $0.00376, presenting an opportunity for investors.

5th Scape is a promising venture in virtual reality through innovative technology, immersive experiences, and community engagement. Through its unique currency system and high-quality VR peripherals, it seeks to redefine user interactions with virtual worlds.

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3. (PRNT) 

Preprint is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to improve academic research, preserve accessibility, and utilize data. The platform supports the permissionless and immutable publication of research manuscripts as NFTs stored on IPFS and distributed through the Ocean Protocol, guaranteeing the long-term availability of valuable ideas in the academic sphere.

Moreover, the platform facilitates a symbiotic relationship between human researchers and AI, enhancing research advancement. By integrating AI technologies, empowers researchers to explore new avenues and accelerate the pace of discovery in various fields.

PRNT Price Chart

Furthermore, manuscripts are recorded as NFTs on IPFS, ensuring long-term availability and preservation. This innovative approach addresses the challenge of maintaining the integrity and accessibility of scholarly work over time. As such, it offers a robust solution for researchers and institutions.

Additionally, uses the Ocean Protocol for distribution, enabling permissionless access to research. With this decentralized model, users are assured of inclusivity and transparency. This allows researchers and enthusiasts worldwide to engage with cutting-edge academic content without barriers.

The PRNT token also encourages community-led development and decentralized governance.’s incentive-style reward system encourages active community participation and contribution, which, by extension, creates a collaborative and expressive environment for research and innovation.

In recent news, announced a new strategic partnership with commune.AI to fund their Preprint-to-Product Grant Program. In addition, this grant will provide $2000 to builders to turn any chosen research preprint.

4. Cifi (CIFI)

CIFI is a unique platform for blockchain communication and community building. Secure and efficient communication is becoming a growing need in the crypto arena. CIFI addresses this by providing a system that ensures safe and streamlined wallet-to-wallet communications. 

In contrast to other traditional communication platforms adapted for crypto, CIFI prioritizes a seamless messaging experience across all blockchains. This enables direct and secure communication for their users. 


CIFI Price Chart

Moreover, CIFI goes beyond messaging to provide tools for establishing decentralized communities and DAOs. As such, users can effectively govern their spaces and make collective decisions. 

Additionally, the platform plans to integrate token analytics and charts. The aim is to enhance user convenience and create a unified ecosystem for crypto communities. 

CIFI also focuses on setting a new standard for blockchain communication platforms and leading the market in transforming how crypto communities communicate.

Furthermore, CIFI’s integration of financial tools adds so much value to users by providing real-time data and analytics. These tools from CIFI are intricately designed to work with the existing messaging infrastructure, creating a user experience that links communication with investment decision-making.

In essence, CIFI’s innovative approach of merging a Web3 messaging platform with financial tools redefines interactions within the crypto community. This comprehensive solution facilitates secure communication and empowers users to make informed investment decisions. Ultimately, this move contributes to a more connected and informed crypto ecosystem. 

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