New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – NeftyBlocks, Helion, Karrat

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NeftyBlocks, a standout on the WAX blockchain, simplifies NFT minting and trading. Helion, in the Flare Network, empowers holders with governance rights. Dogeverse expands Doge memes across multiple chains, while Karrat fosters innovation in gaming.

These new coin listings are establishing their presence, offering new tokens that encourage active participation, enable decision-making, and support cross-chain interactions, which mirrors the vibrant and ongoing transformation of digital assets and decentralised platforms.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

The cryptocurrency market today is showing a positive trend, with the global crypto market cap reaching $2.38 trillion, marking a 2.13% increase from the previous day. This uptick reflects a growing investor confidence and a rebound in market activities.

Notably, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $64,871.95, showing a modest 24-hour growth of 0.83%1, Ethereum (ETH) follows suit with a price of $3,139.71, experiencing a 1.71% increase over the same period. This has left many wondering why crypto stocks are experiencing a big post-halving rally today as the market is also witnessing significant activity from Tether (USDT).

1. NeftyBlocks ($NEFTY)

NeftyBlocks stands out on the WAX blockchain and is known for streamlining NFT minting and trading. It’s a go-to platform for artists, creators, and collectors, offering simple tools and exciting features like allowlisting and a marketplace.

Furthermore, NeftyBlocks provides essential help for the NFT community. It comprises the $NEFTY token—a reward intended for NFT trading, a share of secondary market fees, and a liquidity provider that enables the platform to remain active.

$NEFTY Price Chart

 As of now, around 40 million $NEFTY tokens exist from a total supply of 100 million units. $NEFTY is the lifeblood, if you will, of the NFT creations and platform development in NeftyBlocks, one of which is the long-term sustainability and energy of NeftyBlocks.

In the recent time, the price of $NEFTY rose to $0.005216, revealing an impressive 30.10% jump in the last 24 hours. The trading platform exhibited an amazing performance, with the current market capitalisation being $214,126.22. The number of NEFTY tokens is 41.03 million tokens, representing 41.03% of the total supply. Numbers in this indicate that the platform is likely to grow, and by the end of a market period, the touch market cap will have reached $521,564.72.

The NeftyBlocks platform has been running successfully with dynamic changes and releases of different versions to become a leading NFT marketplace on the WAX blockchain. Embracing innovation, the platform often launches cutting-edge features that satisfy the evolving needs of digital artists and collectors.

Moreover, it is constantly looking for alliances with other tech innovators to expand its presence and power in the blockchain universe. NeftyBlocks has the foresight to be the leader in the NFT industry with a robust and user-centric platform that will shape the world of digital ownership and creativity.

2. Helion ($HLN)

Helion ($HLN) distinguishes itself in the Ēnosys ecosystem on the Flare Network. As a governance token, it enables holders to steer decisions and sculpt the platform’s destiny. Ēnosys aims for a sustainable and decentralised financial system that meets user demands.

$HLN Price Chart

Moreover, HLN serves as a secondary governance token under Apsis (APS). It empowers holders to vote on listings and trading pairs on the Ēnosys Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Such active engagement nurtures community participation and instils a sense of ownership during the platform’s development.

Relevant to market behaviour, HLN cryptocurrency exhibits the predictable volatility of digital assets. The commodity currently has a trading price of 0.198339 and lately reached 0.200677, with its all-time high of 0.334443. Lacking market cap and volume data, which is common with new tokens, HLN is gaining momentum among investors and users.

HLN holds a pivotal position in Ēnosys’ governance structure. It offers users the chance to make an impact and gain from the platform’s progression. Its adaptability extends to various functions, including governance, trading, staking, loans, mutual coverage, and NFT transactions in the Ēnosys Gallery. This multifunctional token empowers participants to shape the ecosystem’s future, ensuring that every member can contribute to and benefit from the platform’s evolving landscape.

3. Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE)

Dogeverse is pioneering the expansion of Doge memes into a multichain environment, enabling the use of its $DOGEVERSE token across various blockchain platforms. The project’s mascot, Cosmo the Chain Hopping Doge, personifies this cross-chain agility.

$DOGEVERSE token is used on a network that is complicated network which consists of BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base. This doge traders network has been intentionally designed to unite those who are passionate about trading doge coins in a common place where they can actively partake in community activities, get rewarded for various activities, and release their full trade potential.

Dogeverse is a crypto project with a supply of tokens as high as 200 billion. This partition is formed by presale (15%), staking (10%), project funds (25%), liquidity (10%), and marketing (25%). A 2 million US dollar presale, which demonstrated the presence of a large number of retail investors, successfully took place. All token sales are performed according to the multi-stage structure, and the price rises with each new goal.

Token holders can stake their $DOGEVERSE on Ethereum, reaping passive income with an estimated annual yield of 530%, which may decrease as more tokens are staked due to the increased supply of staked tokens, potentially diluting the value.

A standout feature of Dogeverse is its cutting-edge bridging technology, which promises smooth transactions across chains with low gas fees. It’s setting a precedent as the first-ever chain-traveling Doge meme token in the world.

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4. Karrat ($KARRAT)

Karrat, represented by the ticker $KARRAT, is making waves in the digital currency world. This cryptocurrency thrives on the KARRAT Protocol, a decentralised platform that champions community-led innovation in the gaming and entertainment sectors. AMGI Studios, the creator of My Pet Hooligan, stands out as one of the protocol’s pioneering participants.

The KARRAT tokens are the protocol’s lifeblood, serving not just as a currency but also as a tool for governance. Thanks to a decentralised governance structure that values their votes, token holders wield the power to shape the protocol’s future. These tokens breathe life into a variety of gaming ecosystems, and the protocol offers essential support to these vibrant industries.

$KARRAT Price Chart

Turning to market performance, Karrat displays encouraging trends. Current figures show the token’s price at $0.90, accompanied by a significant 24-hour trading volume of $22.4 million. This activity signals a growing confidence in Karrat from both investors and everyday users.

At its core, the KARRAT Protocol is committed to bolstering the community and developers alike. It lays down a solid groundwork for transactions, incentives, grants, and partnerships, all aimed at delivering a unique gaming experience tailored to individual preferences.

This basis will be the starting point for creating a dynamic ecosystem where creativity is encouraged and cherished. It is in place to foster collaboration between players and creators and enhance the creation of new and interesting content, with attention given to interactive narratives.

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