New SuperEx User Guide: Understanding the Update Details with Pictures

By SuperEx
8 months ago

Updates to the Official Website’s include:

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1. Update on the Official Website’s Color Scheme and Layout Style:

· The color scheme is brighter and more diverse.

· The layout design has been updated from static to dynamic visuals, making page transitions smoother.

2. Updates in the Homepage’s Original Banner Area:

· The Banner image display has been replaced with dynamic visuals.

· The textual content in this area has been updated.

3. Updates in the Homepage’s Announcement Image and Text Display Area:

· Layout of the area has been updated.

· A new section for APP video display has been added.

· A new registration redirect link has been added.

· A new language display area has been added.

4. The content of the homepage trading information display area has also been updated:

· The display of cryptocurrency trading information has been changed from a static page display to a dynamic carousel display.

5. New style of New user area:

6. The Activity Center has been revamped, changing its display from static graphic and text to dynamic carousel display:

7. The New User Guide section has been redesigned, featuring a more comprehensive display of textual content:

8. A new photo wall section includes:

· Display of SuperEx-related photos

· Data display

9. APP Download Section Update:

· The QR code display in the download section of the homepage footer has been removed;

· the text layout has been adjusted;

· The display of the footer slogan has been canceled.

10. The text layout of the footer menue has been updated:

Updates to the Web3 Wallet include:

11. Added display of the fiat currency value of crypto assets in the wallet, as shown in the image below:

12. Categorized and included the hottest Dapps in separate chains, and added a direct access channel to these hottest Dapps:

13. Switching to the Web3 wallet on the SuperEx APP homepage has been made more convenient. By clicking on ‘Web3’ at the top of the APP homepage, users can switch with one click, experiencing a smooth and seamless transition:

For updates details on the H5 page, please follow our official announcements.

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