Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Thursday, May 19 — Conflux, Render, Tellor, ZetaChain

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2 months ago

Interest in the crypto markets is growing due to the fluctuating prices of well-known tokens. While Bitcoin aims for higher prices, other cryptocurrencies also show signs of readiness to surpass crucial resistance levels.

Many altcoins and meme coins, including Render, Tellor, and Conflux, are experiencing a bullish trend. Based on the market data from these cryptocurrencies, some have posted gains in the same period, and higher gains are likely. It’s becoming evident that some of these tokens will become the next cryptocurrencies to explode.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Many investors will be moving to seize new opportunities in the current market. Analysts are highlighting the potential of upcoming projects, and one example worth checking out is WienerAI. The project aims to merge AI and crypto trading to create a powerful, user-friendly trading platform. Below, we’ll look at updates on the project and its future.

1. Conflux (CFX)

Conflux, a Defi hub in Asia, promotes local and global cooperation in different regions and blockchains. Founded by the Conflux Foundation in 2018, it is an open Layer 1 public blockchain linking decentralized economies through diverse protocols. The Conflux blockchain is reshaping global economic responses, striving for a sustainable, boundary-free economy.

Conflux Price Chart

Conflux Network is currently valued at $0.2255, with a trading volume of $34.15 million in the last day. Its market cap is $912.410 million, holding 0.04% of the market. The price of CFX increased by 0.04% in the past day. On March 27, 2021, Conflux Network reached its peak price of $1.720000. Currently, sentiment toward Conflux Network’s price is optimistic, with the Fear & Greed Index at 72 (Greed).

Moreover, in the last 30 days, CFX had 15 days of gains, accounting for half of the period, showing consistent strength and positive sentiment. Its high liquidity, as seen in its market cap, makes it attractive to traders and investors, solidifying its position as a significant cryptocurrency asset.

2. Render (RNDR)

The Render token has been gaining attention in the market lately, with its price rising steadily for the past six months. Investors are getting more interested in it. The cost tends to stay relatively high, showing that many people are paying attention to it.

Although Render’s price has been stable recently, it’s essential to remember that any significant changes in the market could greatly affect its position in the cryptocurrency world. Because Render is vital for digital graphics rendering, these changes affect how much people know about it and its usefulness.

Render Price Chart

Today, RNDR is priced at $10.15. Over the past day, its price went up by 1.00%. The market cap has also increased by 0.83% to $3,947,660,956. Moreover, the trading volume in the last 24 hours surged by 35.92%, reaching $300,971,707. RNDR’s current trading value is 277.52% higher than the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), which is $2.68. Within the last 30 days, RNDR experienced 18 days of gains, accounting for 60% of the period, indicating high liquidity due to its market cap.

The current sentiment on RNDR’s price prediction leans towards a bullish outlook. The Fear & Greed Index registers at 72, indicating greed. This suggests a significant increase in token transactions, potentially driving an upward trend. This positive sentiment fosters hope and optimism among investors.

3. WienerAI (WAI)

WienerAI (WAI) stands out because of its powerful AI abilities, distinguishing it from many other meme coins. This year, AI cryptos and meme coins have become popular, suggesting that $WAI might see a quick rise in price when it launches on an exchange.

WienerAI offers something special with its AI features that are unlike other playful meme coin cryptos. With its advanced AI trading bot, WienerAI gives investors a smart tool on the blockchain to help them make more profits quickly. Users just need to ask, and the WienerAI bot quickly searches the market for answers.

The AI bot is trained to give unbiased analyses of potential coins or tokens that match the user’s investment goals. WienerAI also makes trading research simpler and more effective. And there’s more to the new trading bot’s AI-powered abilities than just that.

WienerAI goes beyond just helping users trade on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It assists in getting the best prices and defends against front-running bots. Plus, it doesn’t cost anything to use. Investors in $WAI tokens can make passive income by staking them in the smart contract, starting from the presale.

In addition to trading and protection against unfair bots, WienerAI offers a swap protocol and protection against certain types of manipulation, all without fees. Staking $WAI tokens can bring in returns of up to 460% annually. Some analysts and YouTubers think WienerAI could be a major opportunity, possibly resulting in a 100X return.

The WienerAI presale has already raised over $2.2 million. Tokens are currently priced at $0.000708, but the price will go up in less than 17 hours if you want to contribute.

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Thanks to its unique technology, Tellor has attracted attention in the crypto world. It links blockchain apps, especially in DeFi, and data from outside sources, helping smart contracts securely transfer real-world information onto the blockchain.

In addition, its token has surged lately, jumping by more than 47% in the last week. Right now, the token is trading for over $115.09, and its total market cap is about $296.45 million. What’s interesting is that TRB is trading higher than its 200-day simple moving average, showing positive feelings in the market.

Tellor Price Chart

The large market cap indicates strong investor interest in Tellor, making it highly liquid. Furthermore, the Fear & Greed Index stands at 72 (Greed), indicating positive market sentiment towards Tellor.

Moreover, there’s been a noticeable increase in substantial transactions, especially those exceeding $100,000. A recent Spot On Chain analysis uncovered significant activity among large TRB holders called “whales.” These investors have made substantial profits, with eight whales collectively cashing out approximately $3.56 million after TRB’s price surged by over 100% in a week.

5. ZetaChain (ZETA)

ZetaChain introduces a new Layer 1 (L1) technology with built-in chain-agnostic interoperability. Developers utilize ZetaChain’s messaging features to transfer data and native value directly between chains. Additionally, ZetaChain plans to enable native smart contracts, allowing developers to create omnichannel decentralized applications (dApps) that manage funds across multiple chains from a single contract.

ZetaChain Price Chart

The team’s goal with ZetaChain is to connect seamlessly across various platforms. ZETA coin is the backbone of ZetaChain, enabling cross-chain value transfers and supporting the blockchain’s security through slashing, bonding, and staking mechanisms. It is also used to pay gas fees, process transactions, and store data. With ZETA, users can securely transfer native value across chains without risks.

At the moment, ZETA is priced at $1.64. It had a small drop of 0.13% in the past day, but it went up by 34.64% in the past month. Despite this rise, ZetaChain is trading below its 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), suggesting a bearish trend. However, the Fear & Greed Index for the crypto is at 72 (Greed), showing more token transactions and increasing optimism for an upward trend.

ZetaChain’s 30-day volatility shows stable price movements, making it a comforting choice for investors. Its focus on interoperability and secure architecture has brought support from a committed community in the cryptocurrency market.

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