Not Cardano, But These Four Altcoins Should Be On Your Portfolio

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Financial analyst Jason Pizzino weighed in on the post-Halving landscape, probing the driving forces behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the upcoming phase of the market cycle. Addressing the current scenario, Jason noted a 7% dip in the market, prompting discussions about the possibility of a rally. 

He discussed several altcoins in detail, including Solana, Pendle,, and Casper, analyzing their technical indicators and positioning in the market. Additionally, he explained Cardano as an example of a coin facing resistance despite its significant price drop.

Solana: This altcoin was discussed for its strong performance and technical indicators. The analyst stressed its position relative to Bitcoin, noting its above-average performance compared to other altcoins. Solana was praised for exhibiting higher swing lows and being positioned above the 50% level and accumulation ranges of 2022 and 2023. These factors suggested strength and resilience in the face of market fluctuations.

Pendle: Another altcoin analyzed in the discussion, Pendle, was presented as displaying promising signs of growth. Similar to Solana, Pendle showcased higher swing lows and was positioned above the 50% level and accumulation ranges on the Bitcoin chart. These indicators suggested that Pendle was maintaining its strength and potentially poised for further upward movement. The analyst addressed as an altcoin that may have been subject to speculation but offered strong fundamentals. was depicted as showing signs of strength, including being positioned above 50% levels, accumulation ranges, and swing bottoms. These factors indicated resilience and potential for sustained growth.

Casper: Despite being a newer altcoin, Casper was presented as holding its ground amidst market fluctuations. While it was below the 50% level, Casper showed resilience by remaining above accumulation ranges and higher swing bottoms. The analyst noted that although Casper may face challenges, its ability to maintain its position hinted at underlying strength.

Cardano (ADA): The discussion also touched on Cardano, highlighting its struggle to overcome resistance despite significant price drops. Despite its substantial decline, Cardano failed to show the same resilience as other altcoins covered. 

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