Pendle Cryptocurrency Price Soars After Hayes’ Remarks

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The cryptocurrency Pendle (PENDLE) saw its price achieve double-digit gains, making it one of the best performers in the crypto market today. The market, inspired by the price of Bitcoin (BTC), felt a bullish sentiment, yet the increases in other altcoins were not as impactful as Pendle’s. Arthur Hayes’ statements are said to have played a significant role in the rise of Pendle’s price.

Hayes Speaks! Pendle Cryptocurrency Price Increases by 10%

While most altcoins are struggling with single-digit gains, Pendle’s price increase stands out. BitMex co-founder Arthur Hayes, who praised Pendle at Token 2049 in Dubai, was a key factor in this rise.

Speaking to Ran Neuner, the founder of Crypto Banter, Hayes said, “Pendle will be the most important decentralized derivatives exchange.” Hayes attributes his optimism to the network’s mechanism, which he believes will enhance the trading of interest rates, described by the BitMex executive as the next wave in the market’s development.

Hayes also mentioned that the interest rate trading offered by Pendle will help define local crypto protocols that allow investors to borrow or lend at known rates while also hedging against risks, creating a table economy.

Other Highlights from Hayes

Looking back, during the Token 2049 event in Singapore, Hayes predicted rises for Bitcoin, AI-focused cryptocurrencies, and Filecoin, which are now materializing in the market.

Pendle is a protocol that enables the tokenization and trading of future yields. It provides users with options and opportunities, giving them more control over future returns.

Bringing Culture to Blockchain

Hayes also sees significant potential for the newly launched Ethena (ENA), believing it could eventually surpass Tether. His view on meme coins is that they bring real economic activity to the chain.

Hayes thinks BRC-20 and Ordinals, like memes brought culture to Solana, are bringing culture to Bitcoin, focusing on a BRC-20 meme coin called Wizards. The fact that Wizards is a meme coin in the BRC-20 standard is noteworthy. At the time of writing, Pendle is trading at $6.40, ranked 63rd in the crypto world, with a peak price of $7.53.

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