Planet ReFi, Zignaly unite for $500K investment

4 months ago

Planet ReFi has committed a hefty investment of $500,000 in ZIG coin, the native token of the Zignaly social trading platform.

This investment marks Planet ReFi’s foray into harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its DAO treasury management. With sights set on achieving an ambitious $100 million in revenue for the year, Planet ReFi aims to leverage the investment returns to substantially boost the protocol’s revenue, benefiting its token holders through a meticulously designed income distribution program.

On the flip side, Zignaly, which recently rebranded to ZIGDAO, reflecting its community-centric ethos, has revealed that the potential $100 million assets under management (AUMs) from the Planet ReFi treasury will be powered by Zignaly’s AI-backed Z-Score. 

This move is meant to turbocharge Zignaly’s revenue growth and accelerate the ZIG buyback and burn rate, which the platform hopes will usher in a phase of exponential growth. 

With more than 500,000 investors already reaping benefits from Zignaly’s AI-driven investment platform, the collaboration is expected to set new precedents in AI-based investment strategies, connect investors with traders, and simplify the investing process.

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This partnership arrives hot on the heels of football superstar Lionel Messi’s association with Planet ReFi, drawing attention to the burgeoning relevance of real world assets (RWAs) and their tokenization in the digital finance domain. 

Planet ReFi’s endeavor, underscored by its dual focus on profitability and environmental sustainability, symbolizes the broader vision to disrupt traditional markets while nurturing a sustainable future.

At the time of writing, the ZIG coin was was trading at $0.1052 per data from CoinGecko. While the price is a modest 0.1% increase over the past 24 hours, it signified a heftier 134.6% jump in the last 30 days and a 31.6% rise in the previous week.

Planet ReFi, Zignaly unite for $500K investment - 1
ZIG 30-day price chart | Source: CoinGecko

The increase in the coin’s 24-hour value was accompanied by a 60.10% improvement in its trading volume over the same period, with more than $14.3 million worth of ZIG exchanging hands.

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