PSG Fan Token Surges 25% After Victory Over Barcelona

By The Crypto Times
about 1 month ago

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) secured a place in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals after defeating Barcelona 4-1 in the second leg of the quarterfinal last night played in Barcelona, Spain. This win excited PSG fans and investors as the team’s fan token value surged 25% during the game.

Barcelona took the lead through Raphinha’s goal, resulting in PSG’s fan token slipping 2%, reaching $4.32. However, Dembélé equalized before halftime, prompting an upward movement in the token’s price. The asset reached a 24-hour peak of $5.31 before settling at $4.8 on Wednesday morning.

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PSG Token, 24-hour Price chart, Source: CoinMarketCap

In contrast, Barcelona’s fan token, BAR, fell by as much as 4.2% on Tuesday following their defeat, PSG is one of several sports clubs with “fan tokens” issued by the crypto company Socios. As stated on the Socios website, these tokens allow holders to influence certain club decisions.

The victory over Barcelona has secured PSG’s progression in the Champions League and shown how a team’s performance can significantly affect the value of its fan tokens.

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