Raindex Debuts on Flare Network, Pioneering Decentralized CEX-Style Trading

By TheNewsCrypto
about 1 month ago

Flare, the blockchain for data, has introduced the Raindex desktop app, a new intents-like DEX and provides centralized exchange-level trading capabilities using the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO). Users may now mimic other traders’ methods in a trustless, fully-permissionless, decentralized manner on-chain by setting bid and offer prices, turning on stop loss and take profit mechanisms, and more.

The Raindex app leverages Flare’s native decentralized price oracle, the FTSO, for dependable and safe asset price triggers. It does this by using the user-friendly Rainlang smart contract language, which enables anybody to create, develop, deploy, and manage bespoke token trading strategies.

Raindex uses an intents-like architecture to do this. Users may build up numerous future transactions as part of a strategy deployed in a single transaction by defining their intended trade outcomes without having to detail how the trade is completed. Within the parameters of the pre-established strategy, anybody may then execute the transactions on behalf of users.

For example, a user may create a strategy that uses the Flare Time Series Oracle to trigger the sale of assets at a certain price. In essence, Raindex makes this transaction easier by serving as a platform to match the intentions of buyers and sellers. Users are now free from having to manually make orders and constantly monitor the market.

Reliable Real-Time Asset Price Data

Raindex, the product of over three years of intensive development, combines the most enticing features of DEXs and CEXs into one platform, enabling users to create and implement Rainlang strategies directly without the help of intermediaries. Users no longer have to give up ownership of their digital assets since it offers a trading experience similar to CEX with improved DEX-style autonomy and security.

The platform will make use of FTSOv2’s new “Fast Updates” feature, which guarantees price accuracy and resistance to censorship by delivering asset values per block at intervals of 1-2 seconds. Flare’s innovative design ensures this capacity. Because the validators themselves guarantee the integrity of the data, Flare provides a special trust model for the enshrined oracles on their network. By extending Rainlang on Flare, trading strategies may make use of FTSO data, improving market reactivity and removing the need for off-chain data oracles from other parties.

Josh Hardy, Co-founder of Rain, commented:

“Secure, reliable data is an indispensable part of the toolkit for anybody writing trading strategies. We’re super excited to introduce Rainlang and Raindex into Flare’s ecosystem, connect with the DeFi community and see what they create!”

Improved Trading Without Intermediaries

A novel new programming language called Rainlang is designed to be easy to understand and write. Rainlang makes it easy for anybody to understand how to write and interpret Excel formulae, much alone develop smart contracts. Traders will have the ability to put their own unique techniques into practice, such as trend watching, market making and liquidity management, stop losses, Dutch orders, dollar-cost averaging (DCA), portfolio rebalancing, and so on.

The technology offers unrivaled trade expression flexibility with complete on-chain execution, going beyond typical Automated Market Maker (AMM) models. It can create bids and requests, take profit and stop loss triggers, and clone trade vaults.

Up to 1,000 asset values may now be given on-chain almost every second thanks to the Flare Time Series Oracle enhancements that were recently revealed, all without compromising security or decentralization.

Hugo Philion, Flare Co-founder and Flare Labs CEO stated:

“The recently announced upgrades to the Flare Time Series Oracle will enable up to 1,000 asset prices to be delivered on-chain every second or so, without sacrificing decentralization or security. Combine this with Rain’s intents-like DEX and you enable much of the functionality of a centralized exchange but without the risk of needing to custody your assets with a third party.”

With the ability to simulate strategy performance before to deploying it on-chain, traders may create and write strategies using the extensive Raindex desktop application. With Raindex’s app offering real-time performance monitoring, users can simply use Rainlang to define what they want, put their tokens into vaults, and then deploy their order when the moment is appropriate.

Raindex is holding a trading competition that will run until May 2024 to celebrate its debut on Flare and encourage the community to demonstrate its trading prowess. There will be a total prize pool of $12,000 available for individuals who can develop the best successful trading techniques utilizing Rainlang.

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