Seeing the Potential for High Returns, Mantle & Stacks Communities Are Betting Big on DeeStream’s Presale

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With Mantle’s impressive surge in value and potential to reach new resistance levels, investors are eyeing DeeStream‘s presale as an avenue for further growth. On the other hand, the Stacks community’s approval of the Nakamoto Upgrade has stirred optimism within the ecosystem.

Amidst projections of further growth for the DeFi coin, Stacks, investors remain cautious, considering the diverse opinions among analysts regarding its future price trajectory. Meanwhile, seeing the potential for high returns, both Mantle and Stacks communities are betting on DeeStream’s presale.

Mantle Price Analysis: Impressive Growth and Potential

Mantle has been showcasing impressive growth recently, moving within a price range of $0.92 to $1.60. Over the past week, Mantle has seen a modest increase of 3.79%, while the past month has witnessed an even more substantial rise of 35.53%. Looking further back, Mantle has surged impressively by 237.66% over the last six months. These price movements suggest impulsive behavior with high momentum driving the recent increases.

Looking ahead, Mantle appears to have the potential to reach the nearest resistance level at $1.89, with the possibility of aiming for the second resistance level at $2.57 if the current momentum persists. However, traders should exercise caution and be aware that there is support at $0.53 in case the trend reverses. Despite the significant growth, indicators such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 55.14 indicates that Mantle is not yet overbought.

Stacks Community Approves Nakamoto Upgrade

On March 18, the Stacks community voted to implement the Nakamoto Upgrade, a significant milestone for the platform. This upgrade will make the Stacks platform faster and safer, help things run smoother, and ensure they’re strong and tough. People working together decided to go ahead with this upgrade to improve the platform.

Following the Nakamoto Upgrade announcement, Stacks’ value experienced a notable surge, climbing by 41.15%. Some optimistic experts within the Stacks ecosystem have projected further growth for the DeFi coin, forecasting a price increase to $5.69 by May. However, not all analysts share the same bullish sentiment. Some experts caution that technical signals suggest a potential decline in Stacks’ value, predicting a drop to $2.86 by mid-April.

More Crypto Communities Are Betting Big on DeeStream’s Presale

DeeStream is leading the way as an innovative decentralized streaming platform, using blockchain technology to connect content creators with their fans worldwide. Through DeeStream, users can subscribe, access exclusive content and even resell it on the decentralized marketplace.

Notably, DeeStream has lower fees compared to traditional streaming platforms and provides streamers with instant withdrawal options. As DeeStream progresses through its presale stages, investors have the chance to get DeeStream tokens early, with the current price set at $0.06 in Stage 2 of the presale. With over 17,000 registered users and 3,200 investors, DeeStream shows significant interest from the community.


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