Sidus Heroes Joins ChainGPT's $1 Million Grant Program as Awardee

By ChainGPT
about 2 months ago

Sidus Heroes: An Interstellar Grant Awardee

We're pleased to announce Sidus Heroes' inclusion in ChainGPT’s Web3-AI Grant Program, which offers a $1 million pool. ChainGPT believes in Sidus Heroes’ potential to drive groundbreaking Web3 and AI gaming development thanks to the incredible metaverse they’re developing.

With access to ChainGPT’s innovative SDK and API tools, Sidus Heroes is bound to make impressive progress as part of this program. Read ahead to discover more!

About Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes is pioneering space-based Web3 gaming with rich, interconnected worlds backed by a skillful development team. They have multiple games under a unified interplanetary setup, and offer a popular profit-sharing module system.This includes several games under its umbrella, such as Xenna, Tembazar, Nidum, and Asterally. Each is part of the expansive Sidus Metaverse, which is focused on Play-to-Earn (P2E) Web3 gaming, featuring unique gameplay elements and lore across its titles​.

About the Web3-AI Grant

ChainGPT's AI infrastructure supercharges the Web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency universe. Our Web3-AI Grant supports innovative projects, offering more than financial aid, including access to APIs, SDKs, and cross-marketing opportunities.

Interested in applying for a Grant for your project? Apply using this link today!

About ChainGPT

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Sidus Heroes Joins ChainGPT's $1 Million Grant Program as Awardee

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