Thanks to MakerDAO Stablecoins, Ethena Anticipates a Growth Surge

By Blocksays
30 days ago

The news surfaced that Maker DAO, via Morpho Labs, intends to invest 600 million DAI in USDe and sUSDe.
Issuer USDe and sUSDe Ethena are anticipated to appreciate in value due to this event, leading to a significant increase in its TVL.
Increasing funding for the project as Ethena develops is the goal of the proposal.
Rumor has it that Maker DAO, an Ethereum-based decentralized blockchain protocol, is planning to put $600 million into Ethena Labs by way of DAI in USDe and staking USDe (sUSDe) through Morpho Labs’ DeFi lending protocol.

A shocking development is expected to result in the complete blocking of Ethena, a synthetic dollar protocol built on Ethereum, which issues both USDe and sUSDe…

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