The Heroic Return Of Ronin Blockchain After The ‘Pixels’ Game

2 months ago

The Ronin blockchain has experienced a surge of more than 700% in its userbase because of its crypto game, known as ‘Pixels’.

Token Terminal reports that Ronin’s user base has grown by over 700% since the beginning of 2024, surpassing Solana’s memecoin-fueled DeFi landscape and TON, the on-chain home for messaging app Telegram’s increasing crypto efforts.

This year’s bull market has revived many crypto narratives from previous cycles, including crypto gaming. Ronin, whose game Axie Infinity dominated the previous gaming era, is back again in that sector.

Ronin Games: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game that functions using blockchain technology. Within the game, players purchase adorable monster NFTs to wield in battles. By participating in gameplay, players can earn SLP tokens, which they can convert to cash at a cryptocurrency exchange.

Moreover, the emerging trend of “play-to-earn” involves players enrolling in scholarship programs and academies to take part in the game. Axie Infinity has faced economic sustainability difficulties, due to its reliance on an inflation-prone system.

CyberKongz has moved to Sky Mavis’ Ronin Blockchain for Genkai Collection. In addition, Axie Infinity’s Ronin Blockchain has overhauled tech and expanded to new game studios, a year after a $625 Million hack.

Ronin Games: Pixels

Ronin’s comeback has been fueled by a single game: Pixels. Players can create digital land plots and earn digital currencies by completing quests in the low-fi farming game. According to DappRadar, it has had 1.25 million unique users plug in and play in the last month.

Beneath the numbers, there is a wave of energy flowing into Pixels that matches the mania surrounding Axie Infinity. In addition, according to the New York Times, play-to-earn gaming has returned as a viable way for people to make a living. Moreover, this is also observed particularly in the Philippines. Jeffrey Zirlin, head of growth for Sky Mavis said its popularity has defied expectations.

Some people thought crypto gaming would only take off when the industry had studio-quality video games, he said in an interview with a crypto media outlet. Instead, the leading title driving energy into the sector is a somewhat nostalgic pixelated farming game, hardly a masterpiece like Red Dead Redemption II.

Pixels Origin on Polygon

Unlike Axie Infinity, Pixels was not created by Sky Mavis for the Ronin network. It originated on Polygon and then moved to Ronin in October last year before the current bull run began. At that time, according to Zirlin, Pixels had around 3,000 daily active users. Now, it can see as many as 750,000.

Nonetheless, Zirlin stated that the Ronin blockchain has an even bigger user base. Moreover, he noted that Ronin has 12.7 million wallet downloads. All of these people are at least ready, from an infrastructure perspective, to buy the NFTs that can accelerate gameplay in Pixels.

Notably, they are not required to do so. Pixels differs from Axie in that it does not demand users to be crypto-ready from the outset. They can establish their wallets and begin earning later on.

Zirlin stated that Ronin and Sky Mavis are still betting on crypto gaming despite its “seasonality.” Gaming, like everything else in this industry, does well (really well) during bull markets and can taper off during bears. He stated that the company is prepared to handle the ups and downs and is built for it.


Token Terminal reported that Ronin’s user base has grown by over 700% since the beginning of 2024, fueled by a single game named Pixels. The game had around 3k daily active users. However, the number of active users now has passed more than  750k.


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