Top Altcoins Poised For Minimum 15x Jump in April

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about 2 months ago

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As the cryptocurrency market gears up for another potentially bullish month, the analyst of Altcoin Buzz is optimistic about the prospects of altcoins in April. With historical data suggesting that April tends to be favorable for crypto, analysts anticipate green charts and candles, signaling positive price movements across the board.

In a recent analysis, the analyst expressed confidence in the market’s upward trajectory, saying, “How do you like a month with green charts and candles? April has always been one of the better months for crypto, so how do you think this will look during a bull run?

It wouldn’t surprise me if the charts look dark green.” While acknowledging the likelihood of occasional dips, the analyst said such corrections are healthy and provide buying opportunities for investors. 

Promising Altcoins to Watch


Positioned within real-world asset tokenization, Goldfinch operates in the lending and borrowing market. Unlike traditional DeFi protocols that require crypto collateral, Goldfinch utilizes a global credit marketplace, enabling startups worldwide to access loans without significant collateral requirements. The GFI token has shown promising growth, with a 140% increase in March and significant potential for further gains.


As a liquidity aggregator on the Solana blockchain, Jupiter facilitates swaps, bridging, and trading in derivatives. Jupiter has gained traction within the Solana ecosystem with a robust platform and regular airdrops for users. The JUPE token has surged by 176% in the last 30 days, fueled by the platform’s growing popularity and utility.


Arweave offers permanent storage solutions for decentralized applications (dApps) in the data storage sector. With the ability to store data for up to 200 years, Arweave’s PermaWeb infrastructure has attracted projects across various blockchain networks. The token has experienced significant growth, with a 4x increase since mid-February, signaling bullish momentum for the project.


Fetch.AI is a decentralized machine learning platform for dApps, enabling developers to monetize AI-driven applications. With a focus on asset trading, gig economy work, and energy grid optimization, Fetch.AI offers a diverse range of use cases for AI agents. The FET token has witnessed a 5x surge since mid-February, reflecting growing interest in AI-driven projects within the crypto space.

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