Top Cryptos to Watch This Week: $ENA, $ORDI, $FTM, Among Others

By CaptainAltcoin
about 2 months ago

As usual, Layergg, a prominent crypto analyst, has shared his weekly token watchlist with his nearly 100,000 followers on X. Let’s dive in and analyze some of the tokens he has highlighted.

$ENA – Ethena

Layergg had this to say about Ethena: “New shiny + Serious projects = Ethena – Achieved the highest returns among major dApps over the last 7 days, with $8M in earnings. Significantly increased TAM with BTC collateral acceptance.”

Ethena has been turning heads with its impressive performance, generating $8 million in earnings over the past week and expanding its total addressable market (TAM) by accepting BTC as collateral.

Source: Layergg/X

$ORDI – Bitcoin Ordinals

Regarding Bitcoin Ordinals, Layergg noted, “Serves as the default memecoin proxy for the BTC Halving cycle. On April 4, Franklin Templeton wrote a report on Bitcoin Ordinals. Scheduled for a Coinbase Futures listing on April 11th, Stacks Nakamoto Upgrade beginning on April 16th.”

The Bitcoin Ordinals protocol has been gaining traction, with Franklin Templeton publishing a report on it and a Coinbase Futures listing on the horizon.

$FTM – Fantom

Layergg shared an insightful quote from Andre Cronje, the well-known crypto developer: “Sonic upgrade still spring and The Summer target is something bigger.” Additionally, Layergg pointed out that “Recently, Solana experienced network congestion.

Fantom could be an indirect beneficiary of this issue with its ‘horizontal scaling’ narrative.” Fantom’s upcoming upgrades and the potential fallout from Solana’s network issues make it an intriguing project to watch.

$ALT – Altlayer

Layergg hinted at an exciting development, stating, “Rumors suggest an Eigenlayer TGE happening in mid-April, hinted by Arthur Hayes. Altlayer is a leading Eigen-beta with a ‘Restaked Rollup narrative’. $ALT stakers are highly likely to receive airdrops of $EIGEN and $XTER.”

The potential Eigenlayer token generation event and the associated airdrops make Altlayer a compelling prospect.

$DOGE – Dogecoin

Layergg noted that “In recent years (2021, 2022, 2023), Doge has shown a tendency to maintain its upward momentum until the day before Doge Day (4/20).”

This historical pattern suggests that Dogecoin could be worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks.

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$MANTLE – Mantle

According to Layergg, “Mantle is guaranteeing high returns for $MNT stakers through Ethena/Pendle – An airdrop of $PUFF has been conducted for $MNT stakers, and the price of $PUFF has reached an ATH, attracting retail money.

As a result, Mantle’s TVL and holders are reaching new ATHs daily, acting as a catalyst for upward momentum.” The high staking rewards, airdrops, and growing TVL and user base make Mantle an intriguing project to watch.

$ANKR – Ankr

Layergg’s analysis of Ankr is intriguing: “AI + dePIN + BTC LST + RaaS = Ankr – The utility of the $ANKR token is being reevaluated due to @Neura_io. Important announcement expected at ‘Stability World AI’ on April 15th.”

The combination of Ankr’s various offerings and the upcoming announcement at Stability World AI make this project worth monitoring.

$STG – Stargate

Lastly, Layergg discussed Stargate, stating, “The launch of Stargate V2 is imminent, as hinted by Layerzero Co-Founder. Currently, it’s the leading bridge in terms of volume and DAU. The launch of Wormhole $W is causing a reevaluation of the value of interoperability projects.”

The impending launch of Stargate V2 and the shifting landscape of interoperability projects make Stargate a token to keep an eye on.

In conclusion, Layergg’s weekly token watchlist has highlighted several projects that merit close attention in the coming week. From the promising performance of Ethena to the intriguing developments surrounding Bitcoin Ordinals, Fantom, Altlayer, and more, these tokens are worth monitoring for crypto enthusiasts and investors alike.

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