Top Token Unlocks Awaited in December: Crypto Market Buzz

By CryptoTale
3 months ago
  • Huge token unlocks are upcoming, starting with dYdX's 150 million token, dated December 1, which is valued at $500 million.
  • ImmutableX's $48.35 million token release on the same day is expected to redefine its market position.
  • Optimism's November 30 unlock of $41 million worth of OP tokens signifies growing interest in Ethereum layer-2 solutions.

As December approaches, the crypto community is abuzz with upcoming token unlocks that promise to inject substantial liquidity into the market. Leading the pack is the decentralized exchange dYdX, with a scheduled unlock of 150 million tokens on December 1, constituting 30% of its allocated tokens. TOP 7 ICO, a crypto news and analytics platform on Twitter, shared a tweet indicating the huge Unlock. The tweet says investors, founders, and employees are poised for a windfall, as this event carries a staggering value of $500 million.

ImmutableX (IMX) is also in the spotlight, set to unlock tokens worth $48.35 million on the same day. This move could potentially redefine its market standing and garner increased attention from investors. Crypto market aggregator CryptoRank puts together the top 10 upcoming token unlocks in December in a tweet.

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