Trending Meme Coin Andy Hits $100M MC And These New Dog Tokens Could Explode Next

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Andy, a new Pepe-related token, has surged to a $137 million market cap. The project is turning heads in the meme coin community, taking the number one trending spot on DEX tools after pumping 49% today.

But presale tokens Dogecoin20 and Dogeverse could be next to explode as a top analyst anticipates dog coins to regain the lead.

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Andy Price Soars as Pepe Gains Pace

Andy, the self-proclaimed “Pepe’s best friend,” is faring a leveraged bet on the top frog-themed meme coin, mimicking its price but with more volatility.

Pepe surged earlier today, experiencing 10% gains in 24 hours. While its price has retraced since Andy has continued the momentum as it surged 49% today.

It is also up 213% this week and over 24,000% since CoinMarketCap data began on 15 March.

Currently, Andy holds a respectable $137 million market cap and a $13 million 24-hour trading volume. 

andy/usd chart

Its position as DEXTools’ top trending token reflects its meteoric rise and acceptance by the degen meme coin community.

As per a press release, Andy is “Inspired by the iconic PEPE from Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club comic” and “aims to be more than a meme; it’s a symbol of community, creativity, and the boundless potential of the collective imagination.”

Despite being just one month old, Andy has already garnered a notable online community, with 20K followers on X and 3K subscribers on its Telegram channel.

Adding to the excitement, respected analysts are backing the project for success.

Max Schwartzman, a renowned Pepe proponent who predicted its explosive rise in February, also supports Andy.

The analyst believes Andy is following a fractal path of Pepe’s 2023 trajectory, potentially leading to an uptick into the multi-billion-dollar market cap range in the coming weeks.

In a recent tweet, he said, “Andy is still tracking Pepe’s fractal from 2023 almost perfectly. FYI, this was just the first leg of Pepe’s move. It still went up many multiples after the 4.618 was tagged.”

He continued, “Andy has more CEX listings coming very soon and a holder count approaching 10k.”

pepe usdt chart

Indeed, given Max’s timely backing of Pepe before it surged over 10x, this sets a bullish outlook for its new friend Andy.

However, Andy is not the only meme coin displaying immense potential at the moment.

Which Other New Meme Coins Could Explode Next?

The meme coin market continually presents new opportunities for courageous traders to make massive gains incomparable to most other financial markets.

And according to one prominent trader, dog coins are the next batch of meme coins to generate outsized returns. 

YouTuber TodayTrader noted that dog-themed meme coins have outpaced the broader market recently and speculates that with Doge Day (4/20) on the horizon, smaller dog coins could present lucrative buying opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at the two most promising.


Dogecoin20 is one of the projects standing to benefit the most. It is a Dogecoin-related meme coin that will launch on exchanges in 19 hours, just days before the much-awaited Doge Day.


The project boasts a staking mechanism encouraging users to lock up their tokens to earn passive rewards. Currently, they can garner a 45% APY, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

Adding to the project’s improved tokenomics, it also has a capped supply of 140 billion tokens, creating a sense of scarcity and adding to its long-term potential.

Visit Dogecoin20 Website


Dogeverse is another Doge-related cryptocurrency. This project introduces a new paradigm of memetic innovation, launching on six blockchains for maximum accessibility and community potential.


It will start on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC before launching on Base, Solana, and Avalanche. This unprecedented move will bolster its ability to attract investment.

Dogeverse also has a staking feature, enabling holders to compound their investments. The project is currently undergoing a presale, priced at $0.000297. However, this will increase throughout the campaign, with the next uptick in one day.

Visit Dogeverse Presale

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