Tron Under Legal Stretch and Cosmos Tangled with Price Crises While Qubetics Whitelist is Nailing its Debut

By TheBitTimes
5 days ago

What do you look up to while investing in a cryptocurrency or any scalable project? It's either legal protection, security, and stabilised returns or prices. Unluckily, Tron (TRX) and Cosmos (ATOM) might discourage your enthusiasm at the moment. Even proven investors and analysts are looking up to new cryptos for solid returns and rock-solid security backup. 

Hence, it's the need of time to roll in new cryptos with in-built qualities and legal support to overcome potential hurdles. Qubetics (TICS) is one of these trail blazers which are gearing up to take over the crypto presales in 2024. Currently, its Qubetics Whitelist is catching all the attention from investors and analysts as a reliable new gig. 

SEC Lawsuit Against Tron Still Persists 

Since 2017, Tron never saw a push-back and kept rising elegantly on the decentralised horizons. After battling with crests and troughs, Tron made it to the top lists on the crypto's VIP list of high performing currencies. The odds aren't always in favour, as this DeFi world is highly unpredictable sometimes. 

Tron's ecosystem went under turbulence, when US SEC alleged the crypto of fraud attempts, security forgery, and price manipulations. To date, Tron's big names are trying hard to shed these evictions and regain Tron's reputation. Even after the successful bail, would you consider investing in a crypto charged for negative market manipulation and selling illegal airdrops? Qubetics presale is bringing you a great alternative to trust on. 

ATOM Recent Price Dips are Alarming 

Cosmos is popular for its sustainable objectives to compensate for high gas fees and an unscalability crisis. Its over reliance on social media frenzy was speculated by experienced crypto analysts. Recently, this insecurity became a nightmare for Cosmos. 

Cosmos has started to lose its value in the volatile virality of social media, where trends change every hour. Apart from these issues, Cosmos hasn't been in its best shape for the last few weeks. Eye

Crypto Analysts Eye Qubetics Whitelist for Exponential Growth on Launch

After back-to-back discouragements from lead players, investors have directed their attention towards Qubetics Whitelist. It is because Qubetics upholds exceptional growth potential and early buyer perks. Once the Qubetics presale takes off, all these whitelisters are expected to gain massive returns on their initial investments. 

Qubetics is a tokenized platform aiming to provide real-world use cases and transfer real-world assets. It's just a little sneak peek, as the bigger picture is yet to be uncovered for the public. However, if you're on the whitelist, you might get early access to its preview and other exclusive perks. 

Investors Flocking Towards New Cryptos: What's the Secret They're Hiding? 

The major motivation behind this move is that investors buy these new tokens or coins at very low rates with massive returns as the crypto matures. Moreover, being an early buyer gives you the authority to win exclusive perks and stand out among its VIPs or pioneers. These cryptos are a treasure house of advanced technologies and innovative financial solutions because they're invented to address ultra-futuristic concepts. 

Final Thoughts: 

By far, if you're considering Qubetics Whitelist your instant gig, you are already half way through it. Either the presale announces or crypto ICOs make it to the market, you'll be informed 48 hours before the public rushes in. Tron and Cosmos have led a profitable journey so far; it's time for Qubetics to bring in the revolution. Qubetics Whitelist is your ticket to join this revolutionary wave. 

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