USDT fans shift to Fezoo Exchange presale following ETH Hedge Fund shift

about 1 month ago

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Following a significant investment move by the Ethereum Hedge Fund, USDT holders are increasingly turning to the Fezoo Exchange presale, drawn by its promising returns and robust security features.

The Ethereum Hedge Fund surprised the market by migrating 50% of its investments to Fezoo presale. This showed traders the potential of the platform and the return potential of the project. With this confidence, many Tether USDT holders have their eyes set on the new token. The crypto asset is taking great strides and making a name for itself even in stage 1 of presales.

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Tether maintains investor confidence 

Cryptocurrencies are known for their high volatility, which can be intimidating for some investors. Therefore, stablecoins such as Tether USDt are popular among the most conservative. USDt is linked to the US dollar and always seeks to maintain a 1×1 parity. However, questions about the reserves that supposedly guarantee the value of the token are always arising, as independent third parties do not fully audit these reserves.

Being a stable cryptocurrency, its price does not fluctuate much, but other values show the currency’s status on the market. Tether’s market capitalization is $109.5b at the moment, and the trading volume for the last 24 hours has dropped by more than 15%, reaching $45.2b. It is one of the main cryptocurrencies in terms of market value, and despite transparency issues, investors trust it.

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Ethereum Hedge Fund grows in the crypto market

Hedge funds that invest in crypto have grown significantly. According to a PwC report, the proportion of traditional hedge funds investing in digital assets has doubled. More than a third are in crypto assets. But, although they specialize in this type of investment, regulatory uncertainty, and geopolitical influences have left the market quite unstable.

Moving away from pure speculation, crypto-active hedge funds now access more sophisticated products, such as BTC, with risk-adjusted returns and unique opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. They manage over $4 billion in assets. In 2023, the fund’s performance increased by almost 60%, according to VisionTrack Fundamental Index. All these steps taken in a new project attract the attention of investors.

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Fezoo’s Exchange attracts attention of large investment funds

Decentralized governance is one of Fezoo‘s bets in this project that has attracted large investment groups. In addition, of course, to the potential return that the platform offers. Plus, security and transparency are the focus of the network, with audible operations and assured liquidity.

With 500 million tokens launched, 325 million are for presale, which is still in stage 1 and has a price of $0.013 per token. The profit-sharing model will be proportional to the total number of holdings that each investor will have. The expected profit potential is up to 20 times the amount invested.

Fezoo intends to create token burn events to increase the value of the token over time. This is a very common practice to reduce the total supply of tokens in circulation, increasing their price as a result. Additionally, the platform has a loyalty program to reward the most active users.

To learn more about Fezoo’s Exchange, visit the website.

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