What is Linear Coin?

5 months ago

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Linear, a decentralized delta-one asset protocol, enables the creation of synthetic assets with unlimited liquidity instantly. The project opens up traditional assets such as commodities, forex, market indices, and other thematic sectors to cryptocurrency users by supporting the creation of Linear’s synthetic asset tokens, “Liquids”.

What is Linear (LINA)?

The protocol consists of various products such as Linear (LINA) and Linear.Buildr, a DApp used to manage Liquids using LINA and other tokens as collateral. The exchange is specifically designed to facilitate the trading of various Liquids with fast confirmation times and robust security.

LINA, primarily used as collateral for Liquids (via Buildr) and for the protocol’s community governance, is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network. All token holders have access to Linear DAO, allowing them to vote on different initiatives and proposals, aiding in shaping the development of the Linear ecosystem.

The primary goal of Linear is to provide a superior user experience with better scalability and higher speed through the protocol’s cross-chain capabilities. Linear Finance aims to offer a simple solution for users looking to invest in traditional assets while continuing to benefit from the features provided by blockchain technology.

Despite being built on the Ethereum network, Linear Finance allows users to access and transfer assets to other supported chains. In addition to digital assets, Linear solves the systemic pre-work problems encountered in many decentralized exchange (DEX) protocols through dynamic price feeds, enabling access to traditional assets like forex and commodities.

LINA tokens serve as the primary collateral for issuing Liquids. However, customers can also use other digital assets like ETH and wBTC to cover 20% of this primary collateral. Linear Exchange provides unlimited liquidity for Liquids and reduces the settlement time frame to as low as one second per block, making it suitable for high-frequency traders and those running algorithmic trading software.

How to Buy Linear Coin?

Linear Coin can be purchased quickly and securely through Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of trading volume.

To buy Linear Coin, one must first register with Binance and then send fiat currency. After sending a fiat currency such as Turkish Lira or USD, Linear Coin can be purchased using Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), and BUSD in the LINA trading pair.

In addition, on Binance, users can place orders to buy at a lower value than the market price. This can be done by using the Limit tab and entering the desired quantity and price.

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